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  • Hi!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

    I'm sorry too bwahahhaha for late rep :) :) I was busy going to rehearsals and all that.

    IT'S OVER NOW!!! and I have to go back to school in a week :( :( I wish it will be a nice school year :)

    that's hard. like switching schools
    pride prom? wow there's something like that!! :) :)

    bwahhahah yes I think I'll go with my friends :)

    what have you been doing!?!? :) :)

    Hello! sfslr again hehehehe :) :) :)

    I feel like I wanna go college too <-- FIRST DAY.. cuz it's really exiting.. I guess.. like new people and everything.

    It's also like a beginning-to-be-independent stage for me bwahahhaha

    why didn't you go to prom? I don't even want to go to prom.. I mean I would like to experience it but.... I don't really have some close boy friends... I study in an all girls school so......... we HAVE TO invite our OWN guy friends... I don't want someone to set up some guy to go with me to the prom bwahhahahahaha I guess it's awkward... why can't we just go to prom with friends!?!?!?! damn!!!!!! I would love to have some gay friends... I would invite all of them to prom bwahahahahha

    yeahp!! there are too many people to deal with...... and you have to deal with them whether you like it or not bwahahhahahaha.. I guess dancing helped me being more social bwahhahaha

    :hug: God bless :)
    Heeeeeyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

    bwahahha SFSLR :) ... bwahahhahaah that means "sorry for super late rep." heeheeehee :) :)

    I get why you're super exited!!!!! :) :) it's gonna be your first year in college!!!!!!!!

    Isn't that like really really exciting because you get to have a clean slate :) . New people and new things to happen. Oh and anything can happen.

    bwahhahahaha is the college you're going to really far from your family?

    so what are you doing besides resting now!?!?! bwahahha do you like go out and hang out with your friends and do whatever bwahahhahaha

    me? what do I do? hahahaha RANDOM STUFF bwahahahaha well....... this summer I go ballet, jazz and yoga and advance math. Oh I'm incoming third year high school :) :) it's the prom year.

    I reeeeeeaaaalllyy want to study psychology ;)

    :hug: :hug: hope you're having fuuunnn!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!
    Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

    I'm really really really really super super super duper sorry LIKE SUPER for replying late ahahahahhahaha I had to re-energize and isolate myself and find myself for the past few days.. and I think I'm kinda ready to go and be me again :) :)

    anyways..... when is school there??? it's summer here and school's in June and I'M NOT EXCITED.... I'm guessing you're really really really smart!! well I guess it's really exciting if you're in college and you really love what you're doing :) like waking up everyday and knowing that you're actually doing what you love :)

    how many years have you been in college??

    WOW your dad sounds really good in that.... If I would have a suicidal patient.. I'd be checking up on him/her every time.. I would really worry about that person and I think I wouldn't be able to handle it well ahhahahaha :)

    is it summer there? what are you doing?

    God bless you!! :)

    Hello :)

    hihihihi <------ I use that too and once... there's this other forum member who was like... he PM-ed me and was like " excuse me:m123:.. is the hihihi pronounced as heeheehee or highhighhigh :) :) :) and in my mind I was like "what!?!?!?!?!?!:m130:"

    nanoscience!?!?!? molecular engineering!?!? WHAAAAAAATTTT ahahaha that seems so super complicated and:m045: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! :)

    really!??! cool yeah I guess it's really similar and my friend told me that most psychologists need their own psychologists too :) :) yeah and I guess that's what I'm kind of afraid of also like I always take the emotions of other people and I wonder what I would do if I was put in a situation that's too emotional.. I'd be..:m100::m197: ahahaha

    I guess it's really nice to hang out there if you're with like some SUPER CLOSE FRIENDS :) :) yeah I guess I would also hate that if I didn't love to dance.. I don't really like noise and people. and all those social stuff...:m040:
    Hello!!!! :) :)

    I WROTE SOMETHING LONG AND IT GOT ERASED!!!!!!:m080: ughh bwahhaha


    I'm gonna write it again :m131::) :)

    I'm NOT experienced ahahahahha :) :) I just like dance around anywhere anytime ahahaha and I didn't focus on one thing or one kind of dance I kind of did it at the same time and I didn't get to master ONE type of dance.. and

    I actually have thoughts on giving up ballet:m155: ahahahahah but then I gave it up before and since I really really really am passionate about dancing I know I have to NOT GIVE up bwahaha and I KNOW i'm going to regret it :m142:AGAIN :) :)

    scientific field!?!? what course did you take??? :)

    It's good that you found out what you really want to be.. do you really want to be what you want to be?<--- hehe

    I'm going to college:m097: 2 years from now and.... I really really LOVE LOVE LOVE dancing but... I JUST KNOW:m104: i can't make it my career.. my parents wouldn't like it and.. It's what I really love and something that I'm very passionate about doing except helping others and being a psychologist :) :)


    it really looks fun :) :) :) :)
    raves.. I didn't know what that was but I google-d it ahaha it's like the one in movies right? the one like in Ms. Congeniality? ahahaha
    it looks like a nice place to dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

    :( you should have taken one!!!! :) :) :)
    :m111: hello!!!! :) :)

    ahaha I'm not a dancer too ahahaha but I love dancing ahahahhaha
    I do want to be one though... hard work :m100:


    tap!!! wow isn't that hard? fast feet movements:m044: bwahahahaha

    I actually just started ballet about a year ago... I did ballet when I was younger around 4 years old till I was about 8-9 then I stopped... bwahaha

    I did jazz, ballroom, hip hop and cheerdances.... I have been dancing jazz since I stopped ballet...

    then I realized that if I really want to go somewhere in the "dance world" I have to have the skills of a ballerina ahahha ... and I decided to dance ballet again.. and WOW it's really hard work:m077:.. bwahhahaha I don't know if I'll reach what I want because ballet requires like years and years of training before you get the skills.... the technique:m169: .. and it's hard because I'm used to expressing through my body like jazz and contemporary dances but when it comes to ballet.... you can only really express and make it look really beautiful when you learn have the technique...:m192:

    and now... ahahahahhahaa I won't give up!!!!!!! ahahahaha but it's really really really hard I don't know what I'll reach's better to do it anyway than wonder what you'll reach if you did it :) :)

    I have to work more on my flexibility and a lot of :m031:strength ahahahahha

    AHAHA I'M SORRY I'M CHATTERING AGAIN..:m066:.I LOVE TALKING ahahahahah :) :) :)

    you still dance right!?!?! :) :):m015:
    awesomeness! i watched an episode of Saint Seiya last night. It's like Sailor Moon for boys! <3
    Stop trying to confuse me. I figured one thing out and now you're just trying to confuse it.
    Sorry you feel that way. I don't think you're living in a garbage dump in a third world country. I do think you're a closet ENFP though. Pink walls was a dead giveaway.
    hah, congrats! you got the vanilla cat usertitle, at random, and it even (kinda) matches your avatar ^^ that was neat

    me respects lucky people :clap2:
    "hey there! So yesterday I was at my friends house and couldn't find my sock so I stood exactly like your avatar and was like "where other sock?". Of course he didn't get the joke..."

    hahahahahahaha ... Your friend needs awesomeness injections. Then he will always understand your genius. :m168:
    Space elevator will become reality. The idea is: use super-strong nanotube. Since it's so tiny, it can be extruded of the length to go to the Moon. Then, attach it to the Moon, and let it circle in air around the Earth. It can be used as elevator in both directions.
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