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  • Thanks...I have had a melange of religions thrown at me growing up...was originally raised Mormon until age 14 when my older brother came out to my parents...they chose him over the religion as the Mormon church is very anti-gay...which was very cool of my parents (I have seen friends in the past who have been disowned by their parents for the same reason). It's strange when what you are told growing up is true only to have that yanked away. Older brother is now Buddhist, and I have dabbled in it...extracted my own views...and sort of formed my own ideas as to what awaits us when we die. I don't NOT believe the Bible, I am sure there are stories that have truth and historical beginnings, I just feel they have been manipulated too much over time and have lost the original meaning that no one will go to a supposed "Hell" I kind of feel that the original message that Jesus taught was more similar to what the Buddhist teach than not...not that I think the Buddhist have it right either...they have done the same thing over time that I think the Christians have...taken the original message and extrapolated it into something it wasn't intended to be. I think both religions, and the rest of them for that matter all basically say the same thing...that we will return to the source we came from. IDK...maybe I'm rambling...
    I'm on tinychat way more often than I'm on here. Get on tinychat and you can watch me drink and stuff!

    totally exciting
    Awesome! Sorry, before today, I kind of quit the forum. Now I'm back, hope I see you around.
    Where did you go? Where did I go?

    I really don't even remember where I went after I sent that last message. I was probably on drugs.
    Heya! How's life going!? (You might want to send me a pm instead of a visitor wall message, I'm taking a break from the forum; I'm just on today to check my visitor messages and blog)
    Hey there, I haven't been busier than usual, but yea, I'm still planning the euro get-together milady.
    Although I'm not sure if I'm able to come myself, because I'll have to retake exams and work during the summer :p

    I haven't seen you in the chat either. I was there yesterday, trolling people.
    I'm sorry, but you're lagging and your messages in the chat arrive late.
    You need to come back to the chat!
    I miss your eyebrows :(
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