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  • Thanks for the rep and comment! After I wrote out that post, I thought people would think I was mental --it looked strange even to me!! I'm glad you got something out of it :)
    Okay now you've done it! You inspired another question. It's a bit long winded for visitor messages though. I'll email you later. Right now I need to put another load in the washer.
    Got any plans for the weekend? They say we are going to have sun. I'm excited about that. But of course, then I will have no more excuses to procrastinate.
    He will be home around July 13 or so, but then he and a friend are headed down to Houston for a wedding. He should be home for about a month or so.
    :dizzy: Yeah. Well, I wish I could come up with a good reason beyond the fact that I'm a pest. But to no such avail.

    Hope you are having a great week!
    Wow, what a variety of tasks. It doesn’t sound like there is much opportunity to get bored. What exactly does distance collaboration/training, both from a technical side and a communications design side, entail? I took a communications course in college and briefly thought about it as a major. At the time I thought it would be interesting to work in a large business with the primary focus of facilitating better communication within the organization. But since then I’ve worked in several social service agencies. I’ve had more than my fill of office politics.
    Yep, this is the right place. So what do you communicate? The findings from water studies?
    What is the name of the book by Thomas Merton? He has written over 70 books.
    Tried to send you a reputation comment on that weather analogy. I like it. Hopefully I will remember it the next time I'm having one of those days
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