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How astute are you?


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May 23, 2008
How astute are you?

Fast-witted Fox. w00t. Couldn't find a fox emoticon so a quick-tongued frog will have to do :frog:
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I too am a fast-witted fox.
I wish there was more information given. Perhaps that is the only possible result (I know I got at least two wrong).
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Eagle Eye

100% Astute
Nothing gets past you. You no doubt counted cows all the way through, spotted rogue oats, and are in no doubt who'd related to whom in your family tree. Go and have some celebratory chocolate!

Woot! i don't like chocolate though...
Point-Missing Parrot :m070:

60% Astute
Fast-witted fox. :D yay!
Fast-witted Fox

76% Astute
Fast-witted Fox

71% Astute

You're certainly clever, but maybe you're just a bit too quick at answering. Did you add up the pieces of fruit in each answer? Did you count the number of mothers? Did you continue reading to find the last "cow"? You've done really well, though, so go and have some chocolate to celebrate!

Yummm...chocolate! :m159:
Fast-witted Fox
84% Astute

I'm a fox too, at least according to this test. Oh, and my b/f concurs.
Fast-witted Fox

84% Astute

yay, chocolate !

pretty good, considering i'm running a fever lol....