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  • Hey sweetheart... Just wondering where you went off too... I hope you're doing well wherever you are and whatever you're up to. *hugs and love*
    Um, when I first joined this thread, you were all over the place....

    And now you've gone away! *pictures dead autumnal leaf being carried by breeze*
    my private message, did you read it?
    msn, you have it?

    add me.
    lol, nah, no love interests. i am taking a regular interest in a guy on here, but Im not sure he wants me to tell anyone. How are you and your girl doing?
    Awww you're so sweet! Thank you. :hug:

    About the flirting thing (not that you'll listen to me anyway)... noooooo! I don't DO well when I'm flirted with! I get all socially retarded and end up embarrassing myself. My cheeks stayed red for like an hour today - thanks to you! LOL But if you MUST, then go ahead.
    We MISS you!!!! Come back soon!! :m142: I hope you and your girlfriend had a wonderful 4th of July!! :D
    Oh, and do you have any idea how hard you made it to find monkeys now that aren't doing something totally perverted. :tongue:
    Hmm? Which ones do you think make you an ass? Just be true to yourself, and you can't really be blamed for your perspective. That's how I live, anyways.
    Lol, hanging out with a guy who's on fire seems to be something us infjs can be okay with. Good thing its over a forum, otherwise you would set us all on fire!
    I already know you're warm and nice, you're one of the most pleasant people I know on here!
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