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Do You Look At People Passing By?


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Sep 17, 2009
I love looking at the people around me. Sometimes I'll look at someone for longer than the "usual." Maybe I think they're beautiful...maybe I think something about them is intriguing...maybe it's an accessory they have o_O. Anyways, sometimes I'll see a beautiful stranger and I'll want to stare at him/her because they're just so pretty, but I feel awkward when they look back ^^;. I also believe that anyone I look at may be a psycho/killer, and they might think I'm staring at them "wrongly" and decide to stab me. LOL. Anyways...yeah, what do you do when someone's walking in the opposite direction? Do you look briefly and then look ahead blankly, because you don't want to make eye contact? Do you stare anyways? Are you not even interested?
I look at people a lot. My gf actually gets mad at me because she always says "that's how people get killed!" but I don't stare in a creepy way or anything. I just like to observe other people. It intrigues me for some reason. People stare at me ALL THE DAMN TIME because of my wheelchair, so I don't see any harm in me making sporadic observences. If they don't like it they can go to hell, or try to kill me. Whatever, hypocrites.
I love people-watching. I love to see the humanity in others. I try to make eye contact and smile as much as possible. I can't seem to help that honestly - it's like a need to connect with people. A lot of the time people avoid my attempts to connect with them, but on the rare occassion when I meet another seeker and both of us connect with our eyes and smile - it's like magic. I'm not talking about flirting either - because it has nothing to do with the gender or age of the person. I can get through a whole day in happiness having shared just one mutual exchange of goodwill like this, and no words are needed.
The teddy bear doesn't look too happy in your avatar.


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If you look closely, you can see me in the background holding him back from killing everyone.

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I do sometimes, depends on my mood really, but if I notice they're wearing something nice or strange, or they have a nice feature then I watch them out of the corner of my eye until they're gone. Usually, I'm trying to work out where they're going or what they're going to do, as I like making up stories about people's lives in my head ^^"
Everyone's a protagonist to me ;)
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Sometimes. In fact I feel like I'm always the one observing the world, rather than being part of it myself. But there are also days in which I just don't notice what's going on around me. I rarely make eye contact with strangers though.
Well duh.

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The plant I work at has forced me to "do" eye contact for a long time. When I started there, everyone had been there for quite some time, so it was highly rude to ignore someone. They were all "family" so to speak. It is now ingrained and second nature to me. Although it did not come naturally to me, it is interesting to observe peoples reactions as you attempt to make eye contact. You see a lot more than if you igonore them (obviously).
Definitely, I do observe people. I tend not to stare though. I've learned overtime that it's not appreciated. Perhaps it's also that people attune to being stared at and then make eye contact, and I then feel awkward. Which brings me to the point that I rarely make eye contact with strangers, unless we are directly interacting or I'm riding a cloud of exorbitant joy at that moment.

I feel like there are few interesting people around where I am right now. Occasionally, I might go through a phase during which I pay attention to a specific article of clothing, hairstyles, rings, etc. and then I'm more likely to let my gaze linger, but otherwise it is usually pretty brief. And if someone has something about their appearance that makes them an obvious target for attention in ways that might not be appreciated, then I definitely do not stare or let my gaze linger or whatever.
Yes. What prompted this question?
I have some penetrating dashing stare that scares strangers. And it's completely the opposite with people who really know me and I know them.

I like to look at all people, everywhere, but I'm also uncomfortable with how I make them feel. It's like an unauthorized X-ray scan. They become nervous, clench fists, take firmer grip of what they carry, look aside, turn around, step from leg to leg. So, sometimes I just choose to watch the birds, or the little stones beside the street. I like knowing about people, but even more I like people.

Still, quite often I can't help it. And I stare at them again with the never-ending thirst of curiosity.
I used to stare, but then I realized it made people feel uncomfortable. But I like to observe people, behavior, and body language. I feel uncomfortable looking at someone's eyes directly, (and it's weird to say this) but I often feel as if I'm looking into their soul directly.
I think that with the majority, which happens unconsciously, I tend to look 'normal'.
Consciously, I give of a friendly grin.
Or if it is someone 'special' then my eyes lighten up in fascination and I feel = :mf:
My natural inclination is to stare at people when I'm walking by them. I just look at people. I like acknowledging them. Unfortunately, that is both awkward and creepy to most people.

Usually what happens is I try to look somewhere else, but don't know where to look, and I can't help looking at them, so I look around. Then, they notice that I've looked at them, and then looked away to avoid staring, so it's kind of awkward. At that point, I have to acknowledge them with a smile or something to make me seem less creeperish, which sometimes works, but also sometimes makes me seem even more creepy. And then I have to go back to trying not to stare or be overly-friendly.

I usually end up staring at the ground. I don't know how normal people can just pass each other without looking at the other person :/
Hmm..I say we just all look at people in the eye! Stare at themmmmm.buahahahaha

Well duh.

Next thread suggestion: Do you ever use the bathroom?

I'm interested in people's answers to this question, because it intrigues me and it happens on a daily basis. As you can see, there is a variety of answers. Some of them are similar, but the differences interest me. The answer to "Do you ever use the bathroom?" would most likely be "yes" without further elaboration. If this thread doesn't happen to interest you, that's fine. It won't stop me from making topics though. Lol.

Yes. What prompted this question?

I was just wondering how much people are interested in looking at the people around them, or if they don't really care and just like to concentrate on what they're doing.