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  • Last Dawn wishes that Deadly Pacifist has a fabulous day and may peace be upon her:hug:
    I have never been in The Americas.
    I have only read the 1st Eragon book. The kind of books I read are mostly philosophy with some religion. I do enjoy fantasy and science fiction to some extent, but I'm not that into them. Mostly though, what I read is stuff that I'm being forced to read because I don't have much time to read other stuff.

    I really hated the Eragon movie. The book is so much better than that.
    I don't believe in true selves. Even if they do exist, alcohol doesn't bring them out.
    I know all about hangovers (sorta). I didn't drink that much, and I didn't have one at all. I almost never get them unless I'm dehydrated and really overdo it.

    If that is true that you are more your "true self", then my true self laughs a lot and is really relaxed. I don't think drinking really brings out your "true self" any more than being sober does. What drinking does do is exacerbate your current mood and dim your self-awareness.
    Good morning. I actually don't mind the taste of most alcohol. Of course, if I was drinking purely for taste, I'd drink apple juice or something. The goal is reduced self awareness and a loss of inhibitions. I don't feel like I lose control of myself. I can decide what I'm doing; I just don't put as much thought into my decisions. This does occasionally result in a bad decision (such as drinking too much), but in the scheme of things, it is not a big deal.
    I ............. am currently DRUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is what I'm doing! WOOO!
    I'm going have to say you seem more INFJ to me than INTJ, but that's just an observation (I know you were questioning, so I thought I'd tell you:B)
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