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Anyone play instruments?


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Dec 18, 2008
Just out of curiosity, I wanted to poll the audience on what, if any, musical instruments you play. I myself play bass, guitar, and a bit of the drums. I love creating and playing music. I think intuitives are naturally drawn to music.
I play trumpet. Did a heck of a lot of it in HS and it's tapered off somewhat after college. I still enjoy playing and am considering looking into joining some sort of organized group.:drum:
Bass :peace:
I played trumpet from ages 9-18, and then guitar from 18 onwards. I picked up a djembe last year or so also. I'm w/ Zanshin on creating and playing music and being drawn to it. I had to explain to my roommate that I didn't learn guitar to pick up girls or play popular songs, I learned because I needed to find a way to get the music out and create something that I want to hear...
I've been learning to play the guitar for a couple years. Really enjoying it!
the Cajun French diatonic Accordian...


heh, everybody else i know plays guitar or sax...

i guess i am a bit of a non-conformist...
I play acoustic and electric guitar and I got a classical one too. I also write my own music and lyric's. I love the place you can goto when playing guitar and your really feeling it...
I started on drums, but now my main axe is this bad boy:


And I can also get guitar, bass and piano to make pretty sounds... but I claim no proficiency there...
I used to play violin. Played for over 8yrs then stopped. I never learned how to read music, I was that freak who could hear it once and play it back perfectly.

I miss playing the violin...but first, I gotta force myself to read music! I always thought the whole sheet music thing was so boring, I never tried to learn. It was more of my laziness than anything else.
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Piano, and a little bit of the Flute.

I'd love to learn flamenco guitar.
Guitar, bass, and I dabble in a bit of piano. I'm terrible at actually creating music.

I can do a few melodies and whatnot, but actual music is hard.
I always wanted to play piano,and can play a few, very few songs. But I never had the money for piano lessons, so I just listen to music all day everyday.
I used to play flute in high school. I taught myself to play the piano :D
I love making music, and I've created a lot using digital programs like Reason where you play it into the computer through MIDI and record it. I've made some cool orchestral peices in there :m129:
I used to play violin and the piano when I was a kid, but I never got that good at it (mostly because I didn't enjoy it, or we were always running late to lessons or a concert). I didn't read music but I usually picked up the tune without the need for sheet music. I *hated* concerts though, because I had to concentrate on the notes to make sure I was on the same page as everyone else. It stressed me out. :p

Oh, yeah. I also played handbells and the recorder in junior high and high school. Bells weren't too bad...except when you had six of them and a lot of key changes...

Side note? Carol of the Bells is damned hard to play if you have smaller handbells. :p