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  • So I thought I'd leave you a message here because it's quicker than sending a message via inbox/outbox. I wanted to ask you... (if this is too personal, you can private message me) if you drink or smoke, or (more personal) have had a past involving drug use? I will explain why later :) I am asking all of my friends. It has to do with standards I am developing.

    Please send me a message back either via my visitor page or inbox. Thanks!
    Damn! Where have you been!? Are you skipping out on the forum too?!

    I miss ya!
    Life is alright, just working on my last semester of school and getting ready for the big move (CA) after the summer is finished!
    Hey there~ I saw your pics on the INFJ pic thread, and I just wanted to say I LOVE your style! You're adorable! You remind me, btw of my ENFP friend. How's life?
    WOO WOO! Go Cardinals! I'll just put a sticker over my Wisconsin Badgers jersey.... :p
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