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    because I can't give you rep right now:
    I LOVE you now!!!:hail:
    However, fyi, not all religions claim absolute truth, thats primarily a trait of Abramism (Judaism, Christianity, Islam). Most pagan religions (there are far too many for me to speak for all of them, but all that I have come across) recognize other religions and science as valid, and their own religion is more of a style to find some truth. In hindu, one of their holy texts (I can't remember the name right now) explicitly say that "All paths lead to me" ("Me" being their God). In budhism, if there is ever a conflict between Budhist spirituality and science, the spirituality is changed to accomidate science, and if there is a direct contradiction, science wins (according to the Dalai Lama).
    Super high five for describing the capitalism thing. I don't feel like elaborating, but I think you get my idea.
    So I thought I'd leave you a message here because it's quicker than sending a message via inbox/outbox. I wanted to ask you... (if this is too personal, you can private message me) if you drink or smoke, or (more personal) have had a past involving drug use? I will explain why later :) I am asking all of my friends. It has to do with standards I am developing.

    Please send me a message back either via my visitor page or inbox. Thanks!
    Stupid must spread rep around message!

    The other forum is INTPf, they have an agreement with here and it has already been linked in the thread.
    Hey Duty,

    Just wanted to leave a note to thank you for being very civil about the buddhist arguement. Also to thank you for questioning it. :D

    Shizu x
    hello Duty...

    I just wanted to leave you a visitors message,
    to let you know that my little " hahahah" in the neg rep, wasnt meant to be mean.. or personal...

    just something i did on impulse,
    at first thinking it was funny..
    then realizing.. perhaps maybe you wouldnt find it very funny. lol
    So, I apologize to you if that little "laugh"/"bad joke" made you feel uneasy or negative in any way, not my intentions at all.

    Love n Bless <3
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