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  • Thank you!! I'm leaving that way for a day and just bugging everyone in this chat. Wanna be friends? :D
    Well, the children aren't biologically mine. However I am effectively their parent, and they are like my own. Their mother had them at a young age, though. Thanks for your concern.
    For some reason I just got you confused with a different forum member.
    Sorry if my rep comment comes across harshly. Was not intentional :x
    Ah, I see. I used to mostly lurk when you were active, I think we only talked to each other in one thread. We still have a few people who were back from the old days like silently honest. Interesting how quite a few people are coming back
    Holy snap dude! I remember you. You were here when I first joined! What's crackin dude!?
    It was definitely well deserved... Most of the other posts (mine included) really had nothing to do with the op... Yours was right on point.
    I had an account at intpc for a while, but never seemed to find a conversation I wanted to join. I like your about me. That's funny. :)
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