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Would You Want To Relive Parts Of Your Life?


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Jul 18, 2008
I was thinking about this today. If you could actually relive any experiences in your life and be able to do them over and over again what would they be?
I would want to relive the the summer of 92.
That was a sweet summer for me. Worth doing over and over again!!
Fuck no.
I'm glad I'm where I am, and hoping the past stays behind me. I was very powerless as a child.
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I was too. It was not until I got away from everyone who was messing with me that I started to enjoy my life. For me that was the summer of 92 and a new sport bike to ride. Life got better for me the older I got thank God!
Yeah, a day or two like the time I went horseback riding or a few conversations I had that were amazing. I'd go back to see someone I miss very much just once more. But otherwise, no way. I'm still getting over the pain from the past. I'd never want to immerse myself in it again.
Not really, no.

I might consider extending a few of the better parts (my courtship with my husband, my childrens' infancies, the years I spent riding horses) but only with the understanding that I would not change my timeline or anyone else's timeline, and with full congninzance that I have been given a gift by being able to extend them).
No, my near future/present is far too exciting...and my (almost) entire past is not worth going back to.
I do not want to relive the past at all. It makes me feel like I am going backwards, which I do NOT want at all.

So the answer for me is a BIG no.
No...I've learned what I've needed to learn from my past, and those things which I've yet to learn are coming up. There are good times, sure. But those days are done. I'd rather see what's around the corner! :D
I guess I am just in another place than you guys.. As much as I don't like my past I am learning to embrace it so I can move on.. The funny thing is as I look back on my life I found a lot of little gems that I would love to live again. And being an outside observer is an interesting way for me to change my mind. My past made me who I am today and I don't regret that. It is a part of me that can never be removed...
Wait, do you mean relive exactly as it already happened, or relive so you can change things?

If the case is relive so you can change things, I'll need a minute (read: days) to come up with the whole list.

But if you mean relive exactly as it happened, yeah, like '94 to '97 or '98. That was a really good time. I felt like I was in kind of a state of grace. I had just graduated college, I was happy, life was fun, I was involved in a lot of creative endeavors, the future looked bright... a good time in my life.

Also, and I'm a bit unclear on the exact dates here, as it was a long time ago, but a certain 14 month period around '75/'76. Absolutely (sorry ZC, but I really think it was) critical period in my childhood, one of the defining experiences of my life. After I got out of kindergarten, my parents bought a motor home, quit their jobs, rented out our house, took me out of school for a year (my younger sister had yet to start), and we traveled all over the continental US and down to Mexico and Guatemala. For 14 months.

I. Saw. So. Much.

Picking periwinkles (only to eat them later) in tidal pools on the Maine coast, wandering around the Redwood forest, ooh! and the Petrified forest!, Devil's Tower... soooo many US National Parks... Mexico City... Mazatlan (saw a real live Tarantula in the wild there)... buying a roast chicken at a zocalo in some small town... Aztec ruins... Lake Atitlan... I even went to the secret rebel base on the jungle moon of Yavin IV! (Star Wars, ep. 4) The scene where the Millenium Falcon has escaped from the Death Star and is coming in for a landing at the rebel base, and you see those temple ruins sticking up above the trees - that's a Mayan ruin site called Tikal, in Guatemala. I remember after "The Trip" (yes, in my mind I capitalize it) was over, Star Wars came out and I went to see it with my family, and that scene came on and my dad, mom, sister and I all blurted out "Tikal!!", and half the theater turned around to shush us! Lol! Tikal was awesome, but I got the measles, and I remember my mom at the airport frantically trying to get us out of there because she thought I had some crazy jungle disease...


Yeah. That year. Take me back there.

Plz? :m035:
Dylan that sounds amazing. Makes me feel like travelling over there :smile:

I would love to live my six months in Dublin again. First time away from home on my own, all I felt for six months was FREEDOM. Freedom, always, and I was dating this mad INTJ... Couldn't have done it for more than six months but it was so.intense. Freedom freedom freedom, living in the present, flying above reality.

This said, the three years that followed were really bad, so I'd only do it if I could live those six months and then back, because I think I'm about to turn the page of this bad period now.
Take me away to my favourite only swing that was taken away!
Nah not really, I'd prefer to try to re-create in some way the good experiences from my past with the knowledge I have now.

If I could change things though there are a couple of occasions I'd consider.
Dylan I think ya got it. lol I was thinking of reliving a moment over that you could not change. Just as you described!! Great story!! I still want to goto south america some day. Sometimes I think I am too white to be south of the border though lol..
Dylan I think ya got it. lol I was thinking of reliving a moment over that you could not change.

Then absolutely yes. If there was a machine that allowed one to do so I would spend a pretty penny on it. I might even get addicted to it.

I'm not one who dwells on the past hardly at all. But NT's see time as a measurement for events, and some of those events are so poignantly sweet to consider I would love to be able to revisit them.

Plus - I just think it would be way cool to find out time isn't linear. I mean, that alone is worth the price of admission, neh?
Yes that's what I mean. Life is a gift even the pain can bring joy when you realize that you have made it through it all. We should not be paralised by our fear but embrace it with love. I think being alone is a gift...
I would want to change a lot of the past, however if I do that I wouldnt have learned anything.