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What is most important to you? (pick one)


Oct 27, 2009
which of these is most important to you and why?

1. having fun
2. being yourself & being understood
3. doing the right thing
4. being of service to others
5. understanding the world & yourself
7. winning; being the best
8. standing up for yourself, defending your rights
9. finding love
5. Understanding the world and yourself

I pick this one, because only then can the rest fall into place for me.
May I love your threads. Thought provoking and right when my brain was feeling exiled to boredom!

Anyway, few of the options are interdependant upon one another--according to my understanding.

Being myself, understanding myself, doing the right thing, and standing up for myself are the options I can't seem to compartmentalize. They're all parts of a whole.

I couldn't stand up for myself if I didn't understand myself and the world. And if I didn't stand up for myself I would feel I was not doing the right thing.

Being of service to others is close to being very important to me, but if I don't understand, care for, and protect myself how could I do the same for anyone else?
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The most important thing TO ME, would be doing the right thing. It's what drives me and helps me get through my days. Knowing that i've done the right thing, or at least tried

"doing the right thing" is something very difficult, mainly because most of the time we don't know what the right thing, and we question whether we're brave enough to do it or not.

I beleive that if this was my purpose in life, then i would try to be the best person I can be, and that i would try hard to understand people and the world around me. I would refrain from hurting poeple, and be considerate.
Argh, its a toss between 5 and 8.

I'll be original and go with 8. Standing up for yourself and defending your rights. The idea is when you stand up for yourself you know yourself well enough to throw back everyone that pushes you down because you'd rather see and interact with the world the way you want to. It's also important to me because we're at a point in time where I will have to fight the law to live the life style I want to.
Understanding the world, and improving when possible. Why - well, for no good reason really; i'm here, the world's there, and we interact. If the world was gone, I'd probably pick something else.

If I'm myself and understood, many of the things on the list will come to me. If I don't know who I am, then I'm deceiving not only myself, but those around me.
the entertainer in me wanted 7 so badly but it just doesn't compare to 5. i made a decision awhile back that whatever life i chose i would make time and do my best to understand the truth in reference to myself and the world around me, not just what i want or what is easiest to see.
9. finding love
Because even if everything else in life sucked, things wouldn't suck. I would be alright with almost any misfortune if I had someone that could be there with me to help me through it.

Being in service to others was close second.
4. Being of service to others

We're born alone and we die alone. It's the interactions in between that matter, and make life worth living. I feel that the only valuable legacy is one of service and positive influence, whether that's to family, friends, lovers, or the community around us. Learning to live this, the way that I feel it in my heart seems to be my purpose this time around.
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Understand the world & Yourself.

Now a days it has become part of my life and i give it to best. Love this importance.
7. winning; being the best

Not so much winning, but being the best at something.
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In order:

1. having fun
2. being yourself & being understood
3. understanding the world & yourself
4. standing up for yourself, defending your rights
5. finding love
6. being of service to others
7. doing the right thing
8. winning; being the best

I like to have a good time, but at the same time can only focus on me and my place with the world, at the same time I have my doors open for love and making an impact on others. I could give two shits about doing the "right thing" or being the best.
Finding true love, because if I could never find love I would have nothing to hope for, strive for, and build upon for the rest of my life.
2. being yourself & being understood

Probably because this has been the most elusive for me.
#2 - Being myself and being understood because, as ElfxSpice mentioned, only then do I feel the rest can fall into place, especially with the first part of that. However, most of those are mutually inclusive, they hinge on each other for the most part.
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