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    Hope it serves you well. I like it for its forthrightness, direct statement of intent and fun. The image Skoffin put on my wall was an injoke of ours from when she and I were walking down the street, she shouted "ZOMBIES!", I tripped her and ran for it...
    No, I have seen no videos, but now I am inclined to look;D


    Hahaha, well a lot of people in real life think I'm a cheery person, it's only the ones that I get to know well that are always telling me to cheer up.

    I have met few INTP's that are happy with their lot in life, those around them and soceity in general, or their capabilities.

    Hm...Life is chaotic and crazed.

    It's nice out in the countryside, but I think internally I can never be peaceful...or at least, I haven't to date.

    (Yes, those are 3-D glasses. I have a kinda fetish for them.
    Most things look sexy with those specs added:})
    Intuition sir!

    Most ENTP's are sickeningly self adoring, and worse still are often wonderful enough to back it up.

    The problem is, they live outside themselves, on their sleeves to be exact, and as such have somewhat unrealistic opinions of themselves.

    Case example, Shai Gar.

    On the other hand, we INTP's spend so long looking at our interior that it depresses us greatly.

    I was merely noticing how you seem to be somewhat...dissatisfied with your life?
    Timeless hmm?

    Perhaps the best compliment you could have paid yourself.

    Yet... I get the impression that you're not wholly conceited...


    Nice to meet you anyway.

    I'm Melkor... New around these parts, but never welcome!
    Just wanted to stop in and say that I hope you're having a good day! And I hope your week goes well, too. :)
    Sweet, may as well go out with a bang (plus, I've always wanted to see space in person). I'm female, btw. :wink:
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