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NFJs prone to eating disorders?

Have you suffered from an eating disorder?

  • I'm an NFJ, and I've suffered from an eating disorder

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  • I'm an NFJ, and I've not suffered from an eating disorder

    Votes: 24 41.4%
  • I'm not NFJ, and I've suffered from an eating disorder

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  • I'm not NFJ, and I've not suffered from an eating disorder

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Silently Honest

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May 12, 2008
I used to have serious problems undereating and to an extent I still do. Recently I've heard and seen other NFJs with the same problem. I could go a day or two without eating anything if I wasn't forced and alot of the time I couldn't keep it down, Just recently I was with my ENFJ friend, who tells me he hadn't eaten in two days and felt as she would pass out. We rushed to grab some food, it wasn't even good food, but it was food.

I'm just curious at this point but how many of you have had problems with under or overeating?
The only problem I've ever had is eating in a balanced manner. I'll notice I'll eat a ton of food one day, and the next day I'll have to settle for a salad in order to balance things out. It gets pretty intense. I've gone a little bit where I forget to eat, or don't think of eating until night time... but that is pretty rare and probably just a sign of my being human.
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I've no disorder, the reason I overeat is because I love the taste. The reason I neglect to eat is because I'm busy reading or playing Total War...
haha I like how more non-NFJs have answered this on an NFJ forum. I only know one person to openly have an eating disorder, but I couldn't tell the type. For what it's worth, I've never thought twice about my looks (physically, that is)... actually I'm scarily like Shai. Overeating when there's plenty of steak available and I don't want to stop... undereating when I'm too "busy" (/consumed by something else) to actually go and make/get food.
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I have had a eating disorder in one form or another all my life...When I was young..I was VERY anorexic....Today...I eat when im depressed..stressed..or bored...SO on both spectrum's yes..
I have an addiction to food. Does that count?

I don't think I overeat, but I'm American, so I prolly do.
I have really irregular eating patterns. I lost like ten pounds over the span of a few months. Plus, when I don't eat I get really moody and depressed. I have to work on displicining myself to eat on schedule.
it depends on what you consider disorder. I love to eat candies. a LOT of candies. (is good that my body reacts so well, or I'd be fat as a cow)
I don't have an eating disorder, nor have I ever had an eating disorder. I don't eat too much I don't eat too little.

Perfect health!
Undereat here. I'm 5"11 and 145lb. which is low, but not really harmfully/freakishly low, and i'm not sure it can be called an eating disorder. Usually i'm too absorbed in a given thing to pay attention to the fact that my body is telling me that its hungry, or i'll get the warning and basically shut it off. Then later on i'll be STARVING and get off my lazy hoop and cook something.

I think I read something about IFJ's being prone to anorexia more often than other types. Not sure what the validity of that is.
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I usually olny eat once a day, but am always hungry. I eat when I am bored, and wont touch food when I am depressed or sad.
yeah, i have the ability to under eat and withstand it for 1 or 2 days.Just that when i always get up or something it would black out for around 5 seconds although this happens to me everyday.When i'm happy, i eat a lot though.
i definitely have an ability to undereat when i'm sad or upset. apart from that, however, i adore food.
I voted that yes I have, though I've grown out of it as I've grown older. I'm not even sure it was an eating disorder as such, but I routinely forgot to eat, which then cascaded into appetite loss and the inability to eat because I'd get a gag reflex even when I wanted to eat.

I don't think this stemmed from psychological reasons so much, or at least not self-image issues. I was always extremely thin and in fact desperately wanted to gain wait right up into my 30's, but I was just never hungry and found eating tedious.

I remain a too-fast eater, and if I'm not careful about what I eat and how I eat it, I can cause my self a whole lot of GI distress.
I usually have to remind myself to eat because I simply get busy. I rush getting the kids fed and to school and then I start working and get lost in it and then it's suddently 1:00 and I realize I'm hungry. Not everyday, just frequently. However, when my husband is cooking I eat more because he has talent there. I was raised with the idea of food as fuel. He has made me realize the value of the long meal.

Really into making comfort foods lately. Soups and such. Not my normal bent, but I found a chicken and dumplings soup recipe at the doctors office and it sounds perfect...I want to make it with my kids after school. Off thread...
I've never had any "disorder" as such...but unhealthy eating habits.

My weight has gone up and down with my own self perception. Sometimes I would feel guilty for eating (usually during a time of emotional stress), and because of that I would limit my food or just avoid it. When I feel uncomfortable or am in an unfamiliar situation I also eat very little. I'm also one of those people who just forget to eat and don't even realise it until their stomach is grumbling very loud.
I wouldn't say I ever had an eating disorder, but I do notice if something big or tragic is going on emotionally with me, I lose my feeling of hunger and I can go days without eating and I will lose a lot of weight. I don't really realize it and I don't mean to, but the feeling and emotions out weigh my need to eat.
Not one of you, no disorder but I don’t have a big appetite and often forget to eat.

My NFJ sis can be insanely disciplined with food, in a good and healthy way.
I eat food in a healthy way..... though i think i get more hungry faster then many people..... like every 4~5 hours i need to eat unless I'm in classes.
Yes, and no...and that's all I'm gonna say 'bout it. :p