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  • Early in the mornings I watch the news and sometimes this
    man comes up and talks specifically to people who are soon
    going to be graduating from college. Odd how they expect
    us to be up and watching the news at that time... and I've
    learned a few things from this.

    Don't worry about it. It sucks that it's not
    going the way that you planned but you can
    still try someplace else. Even if it's not your
    dream job. No one starts out at their dream job.
    While you work there just build up some experience
    and then start trying other places, you know?
    I was excited you remembered...

    I actually am throwing up like mad.
    It's really gross.

    How are you?
    That would be awesome.
    My half-birthday is in five days.
    You want my address?
    The stories our antropology professor told us about different mafia's + the theories in criminal sociology and psychology.
    Well, we're not really learning about criminality, we're more learning how to study criminal phenomenons.

    However, this year I'll be have forensic medicine, and I can't wait to have that course ;D
    Tomorrow my classes will be started, finally.
    but man does it suck when it's all presented as disjointed information

    I don't think it's useless, but it's not useful for me, since I'm getting a degree in Criminology, which is basically social sciences + Law. :p
    It's never too late.
    I am only twenty.
    I keep telling myself
    that, trying to convince
    myself to just calm

    I shouldn't be awake right now.
    I stayed up late watching animals attack each other
    and ghost shows with my sister. I never sleep more
    than two hours and she slept all day. It's nice to
    have the company though. Instead of always being
    by myself late at night. It's nice to have someone
    laugh at this lady with me because of the way she
    talks. Her name was Linda; she reminds us of a girl
    my sister and I used to know. Only on xanax. Man
    I sound like a horrible person.
    But I'm pretty okay with this.

    What's your name?
    I hated lab in school.
    Especially the writing part, I always ended up copying it from someone else.
    We did it like once a year. And they never explained why there was a reaction, you just needed to observe.

    I hated physics and chemistry in school, because they never explained it thoroughly.
    I genuinely think I could've been interested in it if it weren't for my dumb teachers.
    So now I bought myself some books to do some self-study, even if it's useless.
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