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    I assume you're still at the lab?
    Are you in school or at work?
    All of my dreams are in third person.
    I don't feel anything in my dreams.
    I just watch.

    I said no for a boy.
    I had a full-ride.
    I should have said yes.
    Have fun working in your lab sir!
    I need to protect my assets sir.
    I'm not sure there's much to learn from analyzing mine.

    Common themes include shattered light bulbs, christmas ornaments, china tea cups.
    Being skinned alive.
    Being eaten alive.

    I almost went to school on the east coast.
    But I said no.

    What do you do when staying up late?
    A pretty kewl guy eh?
    Well, thank you sir/miss.
    I noticed you had viewed me in the recent past
    so I thought I'd be friendly :)

    How are you?
    I am an E :p

    It's more relieved that I have some company. If you said it were exclusive to the intp, I would've started questioning it again- never a pretty process. xD Now I'm just glad to know I'm not alone in that department ;D
    Haha, really? Mbti talk, I thought it'd be about the same, because of the mutual P's present. XD
    I actually have an enfp best friend, and hmm, the only thing I can really observe is that she makes up her mind ever so slowly it starts to grates on my nerves, and gets bored FAR more easily than I do. :p
    Yes, it makes sense. Thanks. :D!
    It reminds me a lot of the Iceberg Theory though. Conflicting thoughts and wants. Is this just exclusive to the intp, I wonder, or maybe it happens more often with this mbti type or does it apply to everyone else, or there's really no correlation, and I'm just overthinking things again? :p
    Hi thar. I has questionz.
    So in this one thread, you said, 'I dunno... maybe it's just the fact that he seems a little IxTP-y to me (with the thinking of his feelings as if they were an nuisance, trying to suppress them, and getting annoyed by the fact that they're not "logically following" from how he "actually" thinks/feels towards InnerFlame)'.
    Is that really true? :l I'm asking because I often catch myself doing that from time to time.
    I recently watched Boondock Saints, and I loved it ;D
    Dark night = <3
    Seven was good, and I loved The Departed. Jack Nicholson is just made out of awesomeness.
    Haven't seen the others, but my favourites:

    American Psycho (I found it hilarious)
    Hurt Locker
    The dark knight (Because yeah, it was awesome)
    I guess The Departed must be somewhere on this list too :p
    V for Vendetta, the Dirty Harry series and Star Wars are favourites too.
    Oh, forgot to add:
    I also watch 'Dexter'. And I've watched House.

    Favourite movies sir? ;D
    frozen_water has not received any visitor messages.

    Now you do.
    Although I think you have deleted the ones you had :p
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