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How do you take money stuff?


Oct 7, 2009
Be honest here,

How do you take money?

As a symbol, or you are putting a lot of values on it???

I don't think there's need to put value on it. It is just neutral to me. I always tried to take it as symbol. So i am happy to have the things i needed in my life and still i desire to have that thing.
I think it's useful. If you're wealthy, you can help more people. For instance, I'd love to give a talented filmmaker $2 million dollars to fund her/his project, but it's far beyond my means. You can also use it to gain knowledge and life experience. Education and travel aren't cheap.

I don't particularly care about the status aspect. But people who do care about that can use it for reasons of conspicuous consumption. It can also be used for grooming and cosmetics to alter the way you're treated by others. Most people can exceed appearance norms for the right price.
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As nothing.
money to me is more like.. I would only work extra hard to get it if theres something I want and am working for it. other than that all I need is bare minimum and maybe a little savings for those just in case situations. I dont really care that much for/about it. but of course, more would be better as always so i can get more of what i want
Money is an illusion created to empower some and control others
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I love money and am quite stingy with anyone who I'm not close to. But I am prone to spontaneous moments of generosity. I do think that for my kind of personality plenty of money WOULD make me happier. Call me shallow if you will.
Money is an illusion created to empower some and control others

And the most arrogant excuse for this farce is: but you can use it to "help". ... In reality, the best help is the lack of need for help. That's like saying: "Okay, I'll beat you up, so that you know this fruit tree is MINE, and then, when you respect that fact, I'll help you out with some fruits, and you should feel grateful and indebted." ... What an incredible degree of arrogance and psychopathy is contained in all forms of charity.
money has value to most every one, unless they've gone back to bartering with chickens and salt.

personaly, I have none and realy only need that to get me through. Though it is nice to have for recreational pursuits.

I would also disagree with muir, money is nutral itonly has a much power as you let it.
Very useful as a tool to ensure your freedom, given that you have the discipline not getting too obsessed about it.
When you say money, I assume you mean "material goods". Money itself is just currency that we use to trade goods and services. It's just a tool for trade.

Yeah we need material goods. If we all had plenty of resources, there would be 100000x less conflict in the world, as there would be much less to fight about. People like fancy cars, big houses, expensive steak dinners. People like to travel, to own their own boats, and fast computers. That's just the way it is. But people like other things TOO of course, like love and laughter etc.

I'm somewhat materialistic, yes. I'm so human, although at times I wish that I wasn't. There is a certain beauty and sanctity in our humanity though.
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Basically money represents things that I want or need. The more I got the more safe I would feel, but I also spend more recklessly the more I have.
Money = Power

That's why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
I'm not a huge fan of 'money' but you kinda have to play the game when that's the way the world is set up. If I could burn all of my money I would...but pennies and nickels don't burn well.
Money makes a good slave but a bad master. One is truly wealthy when one is no longer a slave to money. I wish for the power to live where I like, eat what I choose, and provide for those whom I care for.
Money isn't everything, but it comes pretty close to being everything.
I don't know, it's nice when I have extra cash and can treat my friends to stuff, and don't have to worry about having enough for subway tokens. I don't like the idea of what it can do but it is necessary to live comfortably. I would never choose a different career path because I could make more money in it, that's stupid.
My parents have always bought me whatever stuff I want but not given me much to spend, so I almost see the two things separately. To me money is for going out, buying food, drugs, events, going to movies, and that's it. When I have extra it just means more of these things.
My perception will of course change in a couple years.
I've never cared about or given money much thought, not even as a kid. It's odd because that's what my parents fought most over. I've been relatively poor most of my life: first as a truck driver's daughter; later as a student; still later putting a husband through grad school. I found my brief stint in the middle class pretty uncomfortable. For the last nearly 20 years I've lived on Social Security, so my income's been pretty limited, but I always seem to manage to have what I need and most of what I want.
As long as I have enough money to live confortably, I am happy. All I need is good food, transportation, internet access, and a small but confortable home. With that, I am set. My dad has been trying to drill into my head since I was little to become as rich as possible, but I don't care for that. He has been trying SO hard to get me to take buisness courses here at college. I can't because my scedule does not allow me to do so, and I don't have any desire to do so either. If I have a job that I life, that pays for my life, I am golden.
I'm not interested in accumulating lots of money or a big wage but I am interested in independence. Basically not having to rely on others for things, I'd also love to live on my own, in my own place. Psychologically that would seem healthy for me, then I could face the world with a clean slate everyday. Sometimes I get bouts of craving for large sums of money to solve all my problems, but somehow I think it's not about getting more things, it's about getting rid of things- be it mental or material.