How do you take money stuff?

Money's important to me. I won't sacrifice my freedom, independence, joy, fulfillment, or other values and priorities FOR money, but money's a means through which to experience some of those and hence important to me. I had very little money growing up, and I've lived enough to know I can get by on little and I don't crave large sums, but I do want to have enough to afford important things (like health care), padded basics (like a wonderful home) and to experience the things that drive me (which I'm starting to believe are the reasons I'm alive). So, I consider it a vehicle towards an end, but definitely not the end itself.
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Agreed - a real pity

Money is an illusion created to empower some and control others

I think this is sadly the truth. I don't think it was really the intention behind its introduction, it's just what it has become. I've personally felt for a long time a detailed study of 'money' would reveal it to be a highly addictive drug for some if not all people. I don't say that in favour of any political group or view, it's just my opinion.

It'd be easy to say from my very average financial position that money wouldn't change me, but sadly I think large amounts of money does this in a slow and subtle way to most, if not all of those who become very rich. There is an interesting video called money as debt if anyone is interested in seeing it.

I read an article recently about a millionaire who gave up his wealth due to the unhappiness he felt it was causing him. I thought it was a very interesting piece in a UK newspaper that is usually aimed at the more wealthy.

I'm interested to see what other people think.

i value money for the security it affords, and the opportunities it unveils. it's hard to do anything you enjoy if you're lacking sufficient funds, however, beyond a certain base point I really don't care. i have thousands saved up in the bank which i never use, i barely buy anything for myself and am often lending money to people because they seem to want/need it more than i do. money is quite low on the priority list for me.