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Firstborn Introverts?

What are you?

  • Introverted First Born

    Votes: 45 73.8%
  • Introverted NOT First Born

    Votes: 14 23.0%
  • Extraverted First Born

    Votes: 1 1.6%
  • Extraverted NOT First Born

    Votes: 1 1.6%

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Mar 14, 2009
My brother is first born and he is introverted. I'm second born and I am extraverted. I was wondering whether being first born makes you more likely to be introverted.
I dunno. I'm introverted, my little brother is extraverted and I'm the oldest.

im' first born and definitely introvertd. dunno if there's any correlation tho! be interested to see the results.

i've read elsewhere that first borns are light sleepers for some reason.
I'm first born and introverted.
I think the title is going to skew the results - firstborns will be more likely to read and reply.

(I'm an introvert, dunno about my younger sister)
I don't think I matters. I am first born and introverted.
second, and introverted, my older sisters also introverted, but is MUCH more social.

Also, this poll is going to be SO incredibly skewed, that your not going to get any sort of meaningful results. Most people here are introverts, creating a HUGE bias.
yea i know that the results are going to be skewed but me and my brother were discussing the topic and i was wondering if it showed up in other places too
First born, introvert. I am also an only child.
:D I agree, it'll be tough to gauge. Unless you're really just thinking of the birth order aspect. BTW, I'm an only I guess that counts as first born. ;)
I always thought that first borns were more likely to be introverted, we like to please our parents and be good and all. But I was told by someone else that first borns aren't usually introverted.
I am a first born introvert, with an extraverted younger brother. My dad (second born) is an extravert, and my mum (only child) is an introvert (also an INFJ).
Second and introverted.
My younger brother and I are mbti opposites.. He's an ESTJ.. and an extreme extrovert..
mm..I think my sister and I started being both introverted, but now she's more extraverted than myself.
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Little brother=ENTP

Mom and dad both had to deal with the biggest smart-ass types for the last 18 years. Heww yeah.
I am the last born of 4, and I am very introverted - This doesn't mean I don't like and get along well with almost everybody, but just that I feel my real worth and powers and stuff come from within me and other's real value comes from within them as well. I really sometimes think we can make some sort of valuation or some sort of nomenclature beyond these ways of thinking that relegate us into these comparative categories.
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