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Mar 18, 1989 (Age: 34)
Student, Retail Associate, dance instructor

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Apr 1, 2011
    1. enfp can be shy
      enfp can be shy
      Hello! How things are? (=
    2. Raccoon Love
      Raccoon Love
      Happy Birthday!! :)
    3. Puck
      :party: Happy Birthday to you :)
    4. yepunsarang
      HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY!!!!! AHHHHH~~~~~!!!!! :D
    5. enfp can be shy
      enfp can be shy
      Oh, thank you! And, would agree? :) Um, lately, I think this blissful feeling is gone, but that makes me less suspicious and more secure. Did you feel similar ease during the past year?
    6. soulseeker
      hello :) nah not really... we're having our periodical tests next week friday till March 17... then hopefully, I'd be dancing again

      wow cool :) :)
    7. soulseeker
      hello :) :) I'm fine

      how about you?

      it's been a long time since I read some of your posts :)

    8. enfp can be shy
      enfp can be shy
      My question was more along the lines of whether you felt lucky, or succeeding in your attempts; not necessarily on a grand scale.

      As for me, similarly to your own analysis, if looked from aside it may have seemed not a very good year for me, but it didn't feel that way at all. It was one of those years, when anything I tried turned out good for me, even though very unorthodox. Very very blissful year. And, how to put that, so that it doesn't sound weird; um; people were unexpectedly positive to me. Like, whatever I would do, they would cheer me up and support me, and reward me. Very very strange feeling.
    9. enfp can be shy
      enfp can be shy
      Really, you "lurk"? That's so cool! ^^ And tough. I usually just don't open it at all for some long periods, when busy etc. I've missed you.

      How would you evaluate your last year, was it successful for you? No need for any kind of details (if you don't want to go there), but I'm curious about your overall evaluation of it.
    10. enfp can be shy
      enfp can be shy
      hey, glad to see you are posting here (:
    11. soulseeker
      hi my dancer friend :) :)
    12. BlinkandThink
      A little love for you: :m045:
    13. enfp can be shy
      enfp can be shy
      Hey, hey, Merry Christmas! ^^ Wish you joy and love and courage!
    14. enfp can be shy
      enfp can be shy
      For playing what? Jumping around the water? ^^ That's an idea - we should think about a game that makes use of wet roads... Ahhh, you meant snow, sorry. See, an error in reading leads to new ideas!
      I agree with you, I love rain too! But we are not the only ones, there's even a saying: there's nothing better than bad weather! The only problem with it is that the sun is gone, at least for me that's a loss, the sun is good in many ways. A great situation is probably rain with sun and rainbows. (did you know that near a big lake you could see 4 rainbows, 2x2 concentric and inverted - by difraction and reflection from each raindrop, and by the sun and the reflection of the sun from the lake)
    15. enfp can be shy
      enfp can be shy
      Still not completely convinced. :P When I first moved from a dirty capital to a natural uni village in another country, I was able to rationally appreciate the beauty of nature, but my body had hard time to adapt. And then I visited Paris with all the pollution, smell and noise, and I felt at home (and good). So... maybe Chernobyl rats won't appreciate a fine clean place with all the healthy food they need. Or at least they'll need time to adapt. My main point is to try to compare unpleasant conditions of living with addiction; the body has great ability to invent coping skills that won't so easily go away afterwards.

      Ah, nevermind. Today we get warm sunny morning here again, hard to believe it's the middle of November. :)
    16. enfp can be shy
      enfp can be shy
      Hahaja. What is the explanation for such weather?

      I wonder do people raised in unpleasant weather get used to it and won't like good weather...
    17. soulseeker
      15 is too old :( :( ahahahahaha

      i think you're really good though

      yeah i love contemporary ballet too it looks so so so fun ahhahaha

      i have a lot of problems with my pirouettes and turns and fouettes and the pirouette then open one leg to a la seconde ... :( i envy the dancers who are natural turners
    18. enfp can be shy
      enfp can be shy
      Oh, I don't remember what happened, so it should have been great, thank you! (:

      Is there snow where you are? Here it's still surprisingly warm.
    19. enfp can be shy
      enfp can be shy
      I'm sure you can! Many of the current misunderstandings seem to come just out of presentation. For example, of course it's hard to learn all the Latin names of our hundreds of bones... but that's irrelevant!! We better have visual images of these bones in shape and functionality - and anybody could get in precise details how they work. We could have 3d movies that show what happens when there are breaks in different places, and then each patient can decide for themselves. The whole presentational scholastic is only slowing us down; it creates unnecessary gap between science and everyday life. Nobody needs to be a science whiz to understand the really important things. About being in charge, heh, I don't think there should be anybody in charge, but that's another topic, I guess. (:

      Hey, and Happy Halloween! I wish you luck, good health, and lots of adventures! ^^
    20. soulseeker
      omg!!!!!!!!! you're so cool luv it!!!!

      well.. it's kinda complicated.. i really dance modern dances and jazz and ballroom and i did a bit of gymanstics 2 years ago.. but stopped after sometime... i took ballet for four years when i was a kid.. then stopped so i resumed those modern dances like jazz and ballroom and contemporary dances

      but then... i realized that what i really wanted was contemporary ballet... so then i knew i had to study CLASSICAL ballet and i realized that only last year so i started ballet again this year .. i'm still going en pointe on november

      omg you're so lucky!!!!!!!! i'm 15 so it's kinda hard for me to start again and people who are my age are like on pas de deux or something

      wow maybe you're REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD :) :) :)
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    Mar 18, 1989 (Age: 34)
    Student, Retail Associate, dance instructor
    I'm pretty much your average INFJ, I am a junior in college studying Ballet and Modern Dance.

    dancing, writing, reading