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Recent grad looking to attend law school!Hopef

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Jan 25, 2015
    1. Faye
      Hey, its good to see you on here! I'm doing alright.

      I've been thinking of writing you lately. How have you been?
    2. barbad0s
      Hey, yeah, I've been seeing you around here :) have you been well? I've been busy, but great.
    3. narcissus
      Also, feel free to PM me if you have any questions about your ENTP or you're looking for me to be more specific.
    4. narcissus
      I love the challenging issues I face every day. I love learning new issues and am never bored. Every single day is different. I love strategic thinking, coming up with ways to outsmart my opponent, and ultimately I really do love the fight. I also feel like I truly do help people. I advocate on behalf of people who have been wronged in some way and get personally invested. I fight for my clients because I really do believe in their cause. I own my own law practice and so that's another things that makes it exciting. I'm building a business and creating how I want my business to be. I love relying on my own abilities.

      I guess the negative aspects is that I truly have become cynical. Some of the deceitful tactics the other side employs(insurance defense or civil defense attorneys) make me think there is no hope for humanity. But it just makes me want to outsmart them even more ha. I mean, there are a lot of different types of lawyers, and fields within law, so I'm sure everyone's experience will be different. My clients involve people who have been sexually assaulted, raped, , hospitalized by police officers, you name it, so it gets to you sometimes. I love helping these people, but everyday you have someone come in and tell you something emotionally charged. It could get a little draining for me sometimes. You really have to be a therapist most of the time with your clients.
    5. rawr
      he got replaced by frustrated IT guy.
    6. narcissus
      Saw you're thinking about going to law school. I'm always willing to answer questions from people joining the legal profession so I can scare them to death..ha Being a lawyer is a great profession. I couldn't see myself doing anything else.
    7. Faye
      Welcome back. :)
    8. rawr
      lol yeah.
    9. rawr
      hahha. maybe i'll be like that. Oh, i do IT for a career.

      for reference

      keep striding :)
    10. rawr
      like this? :m200: :m096:

      it's nothing interesting. It just seems a common trait for most N types to thirst for [some kind of] knowledge. Most people here are continually learning and/or reading.

      I just don't care.

      I want to learn what i need to know, and get out and work hands-on.
      If i need to know something else, I'll learn it as i go, "on the job."

      I can't stand lectures. No way i'd go back to school.

      Then again, i may not be an INFJ, so there's that :D
    11. rawr
      no, i'm pretty sure i won't :D

      (but i'll not get into that unless you want me to)
    12. rawr
      you traded school for paperwork, dear.

      At least temporarily. I'm sure you'll move soon :)

      (i on the other hand am so ready to get out of school)
    13. rawr
      hehe i can imagine. you a paralegal?
    14. rawr

      i'm in my last year. What do you do for work?
    15. rawr
      still in school? how's it going?
    16. rawr
      :wave: how are you? Long time no see!
    17. #@&5&49
      I love the way your avatar is animated. How do you get it to move like that? Very cool.
    18. knight in battle
      knight in battle
      | Thread: Understanding INFJ/INTP...
      | Hmm yea this is so true, it kind of disturbed me a bit when I had this interaction going on with my ex. Sometimes I felt like
      | he knew more than I did, and I'd keep the thought to myself: but boy was he WRONG! lol.

      Hehe. He was wrong about what you're feeling? Yes, I suppose that we Fe's (a left brained process) only capture what you're emoting on your specific facial features, so we don't capture the holistic emotional profile of you as Fi's (a right brained "process") do. My automatic reaction to my INTP friend is to accommodate/interact with his mood or just to leave him alone (give him emotional space). And sometimes, I'll even give myself emotional space. But count it a blessing that we do this, because--at least for me--I don't trust most friends and acquaintances with my more emotional side.
      Btw the person that I eventually gravitated towards in my college class where there were 35 people was a person who later identified himself as INTP. With no one else in the entire class did I grow close to, even close to that emotional level.
    19. Vilku
      ive only met one another demisexual in my whole life face to face, and youra first not face to face whom i actually interact to.
      (was an intj)
      so thus, i dont really even know my own kind in experience, but in my mind i can easily imagine people who dont exist who i then later meet in my life. thus meaning i might have an idea of what a type is like, well, some month after i find a person of that type and exactly as i imagined. is this Ni? just weird, cause i consider ive been most likely most of my childhood Ne. or maybe its the if im infj, the inner intp thing. although i consider the possibility i could be extremely changed infp, as my feelings have been taunted upon my whole life by everyone. (led me to believe im the only human with emotions/feelings on planet earth lol, while very sad as well.)

      i suspect ... nvm with that, i know i have tons of feelings bottled up inside me and ive forgotten my past.
      maybe i just started hating their simplicity, how animalistic they were in every regards, how selfish, how uncaring.. ive met only one purely selfless person in my life face to face, and didnt even get to know her. (although we communicated nonverbally in the short span xD..)

      especially their lust over breasts.. that has left me somewhat of a high disdain to breasts not small.

      eh, my life is just one poem with only torture, all what i have ive conjured out from myself with mostly by now destroyed resolve. (only will power remains, but then my life has never been any better so i dont even know what itd feel like to know your going to live to see a positive time.)
      sure you want to hear what i have?

      on relationships:
      im english speaker, i disdain finish language even as a native i am, unable to properly speak it am i.
      the number of such people in finland is very limited, only met two others like me in my whole life, and the rest simply refuse to speak it.
      thus all that is postponed to the eventual possibility of leaving this country.
    20. Vilku
      mhh... hmnnhh.. ah, yes i assume it indeed is! =]
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    Recent grad looking to attend law school!Hopef
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