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Feb 8, 2012
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create audio which evokes feelings.

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Oct 1, 2013
    1. yepunsarang
      Hii! Long time no see :)
    2. knight in battle
      knight in battle
      quite understandable, yes :-p
    3. knight in battle
      knight in battle
      "motivation fluctuatuions". maybe you're a 4, after all. :smile:
    4. knight in battle
      knight in battle
      I noticed you had three enneagram types :smile:
    5. knight in battle
    6. yepunsarang
      Oh and I forgot to mention, I always get sad hearing the story of how a male infj deals with his emotional side. For emotive people in general including girls it's tough being feeling, but it's tougher being male and being very feeling. So kudos to you!
    7. yepunsarang
      Yes tell me about your story! I'm so intrigued now that you've just begun telling me! :P I once new a finnish guy from my study abroad program to Japan many years back. But that is all I know about Finland as well. I'd be willing to share my story as well. Your mentioning being disgusted with people's animalistic behaviors and tendencies really resonates with me. It makes me feel frustrated and slightly sad to realize that because of people's connection to this animalistic side their intentions may very likely be selfishly based. But it comforts me to know that for many people because this is so, it is not all intentional (if that makes any sense). Maybe life is about forgiving and such, understanding other people's confusions rather than putting the blame. I realize that as I go further into the dating world it will be trickier navigating because I am demi-sexual. While most society deems it normal to have sexual urges for people you barely know I even find it hard to have those feelings for someone I may just be beginning to see. It's terrible how people get blinded by lust even in relationships and cannot forge even a strong bond before that storm comes over don't you think?
    8. yepunsarang
      You sound slightly doubtful that it is!! lol Tell me about your story as a demi-sexual, if you don't mind! I'm curious how you go about the world particularly in the relationship realm!
    9. yepunsarang
      Ciao! :) Just thought I'd say hi since I was perusing a thread and found it interesting you are demi-sexual as well. It's rare finding a fellow comrade! Isn't it a blessing in disguise really lol
    10. Vilku
      I often feel the same way when i look in the mirror! =S
    11. Sriracha
      I like the strangeness of your avatar. I honestly think I'm looking at a spaceman ... not your reflection on a disk. LOL
    12. Sloe Djinn
      Sloe Djinn
    13. Optimist
      Welcome :)
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    create audio which evokes feelings.
    goal: acquire complete selflessness and self the same time.
    impossible? that remains to be seen.
    maybe just requires some exercise to get there!
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    music, voice acting, singing, intelligence, creative abilities and .. feelings.
    What would be your epitaph?:
    People die! now get used to it. -comm. shepard
    9w1, 7w6, 4w3
    ive spent past few years internally deprived.

    voice acting, singing, reading fanfiction, and above all: self development.


    INFJ 9w1 So Sx
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