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Ultimately, I will feel my life fulfilled if I fin

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Mar 16, 2012
    1. Melkor

      Someone has their head screwed on. ^_^
    2. endersgone
      Thank you, it's one of those beliefs I hold deep down/ dear to my heart.
    3. Vilku
      thanks! i guess? =S..
    4. Lenin Compres
      Lenin Compres
      How do I update my picture?
    5. Darkestblue
    6. Darkestblue
      Heyooooo! Thanks.:mold:
    7. Melkor
      Yes, of course.
      Have you read it?
    8. just me
      just me
      At least you are trying to learn and practicing. They gave everyone some kind of music pitch test in grammar school: which sound had the higher pitch? They gave many different sounds and questions. I was gifted with an ear for music. They told me I would be playing the trumpet in the school band. I told them I would not! Wish I would have. Reason? I didn't want to make everyone's ears bleed while I was playing a trumpet at the age of 10 or 11. All I could think of was everyone holding their ears, making fun of me, and how much time it would take me away from my outdoor activities. So stupid. At least you have the guts to do it and I dare say I am proud of you for it. Play on. Love it. Excel.
    9. just me
      just me
      I'm sure you'll be able to play like that if you work long and hard at it(if you don't already). I liked the smile she made at the end denoting a successful rendition; sure could tell she was pleased. Never could figure out why people cover their face with hair then fight it when playing. Maybe she focuses better with one eye covered? We do learn more about people the more we talk with them, not by reading their brief synopsis. I am that I am also, so you are allowed. ; )
    10. just me
      just me
      ........or how much you want me to know about you. heh
    11. subwayrider
      You're very welcome. It helped me, too, when I posted. Welcome to the forums.
    12. anarkandi
      "Wull thanks. Maybe I'll scrape up something half decent and put it in the writing section.
      And I like the spouting of random thoughts. Tis fun"

      Nothing too decent. Then I won't dare show you my vogon poethry. :meye: Do you feel like chatting? Come to the irc-server if so. Nobody seems to be online there. :o
    13. MikeINvalid
      Welcome Optimist. I like the simplicity and beauty of your avatar.
    14. This
      Welcome to the INFJs Forum :wave:
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    Ultimately, I will feel my life fulfilled if I fin
    I am who I am. I have been where I have been. I will be who I was made to be.
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    1) my God and Savior
    2) powerful words
    3) Family/ best friend
    4) violin
    5) quiet, still, natural places
    6) surprises especially as demonstrations of love (small, thoughtful gifts/ random hugs/ and sincere praise)
    What would be your epitaph?:
    If she wrote her own epitaph it would be hopelessly romantic and pathetically lengthy and verbose... so we will leave that to someone who is a little less full of themselves to write for her.
    Oh what a silly section! I think I'll just put this quote here:
    "Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Actions will delineate and define you." -Thomas Jefferson.
    Who am I? I don't really know, but nor do I think that matters and I really think we ought to learn from Jefferson and stop quibbling with such self-absorbed, futile questions.

    There is little that does not intrigue me as far as areas of study, and I desperately love learning and watching that learning blossom in usable real scenarios. My favorite escapes include the reading and especially the writing of fiction stories, music, and quiet family dinners.