Bad at the most practical things?

Nope. I'm lousy only at cooking but that's mostly because I put an effort not to do it right. :P

I can be very practical if I put my mind into it, as I think everyone can be.

And I think that clumsiness shouldn't be exclusively connected with badness in practical things. There are many practical things that involve more of a mind usage than the hand usage.
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My INFJ wife grew up in a family in a part of the country where everyone did everything. She can fix a car, repair a roof, make a dress, strip furniture, install a sink, you name it. Sometimes she puts me, her INTP engineer husband, to shame. So, no, I don't think it's an INFJ thing. The best way to learn how to do something practical is to get a DIY book out of the library and forge ahead. The worst things that can happen are that the pipe might leak or the car won't start.

I believe that too.

My friends concider me the most practical person of them all and I think most of them are not NF persons! But my dad (who I think is ISTJ or INTJ) thinks I'm the most clumsy person around. So yeah, it depends :-)

I can be very good at something when I put my mind to it and when I have some experience doing it. When i'm my normal self I'm clumpsy and forgetful. It is always like I have to try hard to be practical. It doesn't come easy to me.
Personality is an expression of one's preferences but it doesn't have to limit what you choose to do. You can learn anything you want to if you set your mind to it. Personality preferences may explain how someone generally thinks and behaves, but it shouldn't be limiting. If it is, it's just another thing to work on. Balance is the goal.
I'm not a particularly clumsy person but That might be because I used to dance a lot. I do find that I'm not so good at practical things though, like in science especially. I grasp abstract concepts and equations very easily but when there's some random common sense question that everyone gets I have no idea what I'm doing.
I feel as if the only part of my body that works 100% is my brain (and even that's tired).
I have no coordination, spatial awareness etc. (I'm dyspraxic) I'm bad at most sports (but I love my trampoline), I'm severely accident prone and very unlucky. I daydream a lot and miss things.

I think I'd fail at life if I didn't have a good, reliable brain ;.;
Yes, yes.

I put blame on Ni; it's overworking, so I sometimes stay (either willingly or unwillingly) inside my head instead of doing things.

Compared to the S, I can't do so many things. I have to lump this and my procrastination as two similar problem caused by one reason; I play too much inside my head.
I'm bad at alot of things, mostly physical stuff(sports mostly). But if I can start to wrap my head around aboard game or a card game I can get good really quick via Ni.
I'm bad at most practical things; have no common sense (I hate it when questions requiring this attribute come up on exam papers!), am rubbish at most sports, have been known to accidentally bang my elbow/knee on doors and, worst of all, I'm completely incompetent at origami. :m136:
I do not know if this is an INFJ characteristics but I am bad at the most practical things, I can indeed be very abstract, love challenging courses and theories but when it comes to the most simplest things I find myself completley lost, this includes tasks such as simple math logic, Opening a soda can, building a tent etc, I find myself at times unable to do this simple things, and then I end up going nuts about it!! I am constantly breaking things, dropping items, spraying soda gas all over the table!!lol..I don't know what to think anymore..perhaps it is just me..
sounds like me too, but with different things. I can be clumsy some times, more of the time it's just lacking common sense with the most basic things, like what the easiest way would be to do something (simple)
I've mentioned this before, but I've done many headslap-worthy things to my body, like tripping on my own feet, tripping on the floor (I'll explain how this happened to me if somebody cares enough), hitting my head on a low tree branch, etc. I'm also terrible at sports, which I guess is a combination of low Se and inadequate exposure as a child.

We also had sophomore shirts in my school that said "'12 > '13 [as in graduating years]: We Defy Logic" that took me a while to get, which is a surprise because I'm actually quite good at math. I think my Si is higher than what it says in my sig.
Good idea, maybe I wouldn't run into stuff if I watched where I was going:m075:

BADD Idea!

I used to look at the ground when I walked and was constantly bumping into people because I was looking at the floor, and was totally not aware of my surroundings.