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  • Lovely Olivia,
    How is life treating you? I'm guessing school has started for you as well? I apologize for the delay in my response - I'm not as often on this forum anymore as I used to be...
    Luckily I passed the admission test for medicine, so I'm now immersing myself in chemistry, physics and anatomy, all of which are a challenge but fun none the less. What about you? I wonder if school is giving you the satisfaction it can?
    I will tell you more about my travels as soon as I know that you are well and happy (or sad and unhappy but then we'll work on changing that first).
    Love, Franca
    Aww. :) Thank you very much for your sweet and kind wishes. I wish the same for you, and by all means keep in touch if you'd like to.
    Lovely Olivia,
    Don't you feel in any hurry to respond!
    The Nepali seem to be a little more laid back than us Westerners. :smile:
    :kiss: and I hope you are doing well despite of being so busy,
    Thank you :) Aww I'm glad you liked GMH. I often read it at work, to keep me in a compassionate frame of mind. It also gives me some good ideas about how to apply my idealism to practical situations.
    Enjoy your weekend, and don't be sad, because it won't be long until the Easter hols.
    I don't mind at all. I work at a number of different campus libraries, serving the same University. I think the cakes will be baked next week. I've been so tired this week. Hope you've enjoyed your half term hols. :)
    Glad you had a productive day. It's nice to have those moments of flow, when you can get things done easily. I'm doing fine, thank you. I've moved to a different department at work, for a couple of days a week, so I'm adjusting to all the new people, which takes me a while. I expect I'll bake them some cakes soon, to help break the ice.
    Thanks for dropping by my profile page. It's always a joy for me to see who has visited. I hope your day has been a wonderful one. :)
    Hey hun, just wanted to tell you that I'll be travelling for a month, leaving tomorrow, so I might not be able to respond for a while, okay? Hope you're doing alright,
    Don't be sorry! And feel free to digress and ask as much as you'd like, I'm always happy to answer - if I can, that is.
    Switzerland has four official languages - well in fact it has three official languages. The fourth is Romansh, spoken by a sad 0.5% of the Swiss population. It's pretty much extinct... The other three are: Swiss German (about 65% I think), French (20%) and Italian (7%). The rest speak none of the above.
    Sadly I've never been to England. I've been wanting to visit the UK including London and Scotland for years and it's definitely on top of my list. I can't, however, imitate any of your accents for the life of me :(. Do you learn German in school?
    Jederzeit! If you need any more help, you can always leave a visitor message or pm me :smile:.
    Last Dawn wishes that Beneath the Surface has a fabulous day and may peace be upon her:hug:
    I would post in your "Socializing" thread, but I'm honestly too sleep deprived to write ten paragraphs right now. :p

    Anyways, You sound a lot like me... It was actually pretty weird reading your posts because I felt as though I could've written them myself. So know you aren't alone. :)

    I wish I had some kind of advice for you, but... I'm still in the process of this thing called socializing myself, heh. Maybe we could help each other out?
    Hey there! Just wanna say good luck with... yourself! I have been where you are. To be honest, out of all the work I have done, I have maybe.... two good friends from the past 3 years. Two! So I certainly wasn't suggesting that I'd "been there, done that" because I'm actually still there!

    'Tis a hard life for us and no one is saying it's gonna be easy. Christ, it'll probably be the hardest thing. But you do have this forum and the people on here to help you out any time you need. You don't seem to post much but just remember that.
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