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  • Evening Franca,

    It always brightens up my day to see a kind message, such as the one that you posted, so thank you for that. I apologise that I could not reply sooner, but I have been quite busy of late. Not long after you posted your message, I sent off my application for university and for the past month or so, I've been busy preparing for an admissions test - not dissimilar to the kind that you had to sit for medicine, I imagine - as well as an interview at one of the universities that I'd applied to. So, all in all, these are exciting and hectic times.

    I started back at college in September, and since then, life has been a tumultous mix of emotions which I can't quite understand, but then that has always been the case. I do enjoy education and am grateful that I am lucky enough to receive one (and a free one at that), but I am naturally such an apathetic person that sometimes, dragging myself to my lessons requires a whole lot of effort, especially when I'm going through a depressive period when I just see the futility of life and want to be alone. Mix that in with the times when I feel 'normal' and the times when I feel extremely agitated, anxious and intense, and you have an individual, who, on the surface, looks a little odd (and constantly miserable). Not that that bothers me particularly, but I guess a person always has to be aware of the image that they are giving off to others.

    Congratulations on passing your admissions test. I have no doubt that it is well-deserved and I am glad that you are enjoying your course. Anatomy would present enough of a challenge for someone who is as conceptually challenged as me (though I imagine it's an area that is great fun to study), but chemistry and physics.......the thought of them is enough to make my head ache. You certainly have more ability in these subjects than I'll ever have! :)

    I look forward to hearing about the (no doubt fascinating) stories that you have to tell about your travels.

    With best wishes,

    Franca! :smile: How are you, my friend? I hope you are keeping well and enjoying your travels. Feel free to write back whenever time allows for it, even if it's only to tell me about your adventures. :)
    :tea: A soothing cup of herbal tea for you, lovely one. Hope your world is filled with calm and restful quietness.
    Hello Franca. :) I'm at work, but it's very quiet today. It was wonderful to hear from you, hun. How silly of me to forget the difference in climate where you are. So the song of Summer is already in your heart. :) I'm glad of that. Long may it remain so. Bless you, always.:hug:
    Miss you, hun. I'm sending you this little fairy, to watch over you and to ensure that your remaining weeks away are increasingly lovely.

    Thinking of you. Hope your days are beautiful and filled with good cheer. My prayers and best wishes are with you, dear Franca.

    Hello dear one. Thank you so much for the Birthday greeting. I'll write back properly when I get home in a couple of days, but in the meantime, here's an especially *big hug* for you.:hug: Hope you're well, happy and enjoying your continuing adventures. Much love to you. :kiss:
    Greetings Franca :).
    I hope all is going well. I'm Collin. Don't worry about writing back promptly, no worries. And the frequent travelling sounds to me like fun!. No, I do not live in Tibet though, I am in the US.
    Pleasure to meet you :)
    had only i thin 1 main test paper :D but a few other smaller ones haha sweet! Want to travel but no time nor the cash now haha. maybe after I grad :)
    glad to hear that! I've not been to the night safari in a long long time haha did the animals still hide in one corner and refuse to come out? LOL I'm fine here. exams just over haha how are you?
    So nice to hear from you, hun! I guess you're back from your mountain trek? I look forward to reading all about it when you have the time and opportunity. :)
    aww crap. I forgot to ask you haha so how was your trip here (Singapore)? haha did you enjoy it?
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