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Are you good at sports?

Altruistic Muse

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Apr 6, 2009
I read somewhere that people who are intuitive are less likely to be good at sports because they are less in touch with the physical world. I don't think I agree with this. I'm a moderate N and I'm pretty good at sports to be honest. Although I'm a massive dreamer I do find it easy to concentrate when doing sports that I enjoy. I also knwo S's that aren't as good at sports as me.
yeah I think there are some N's who are gifted at sports, I'm good at most sports but a master at none of them think that's a P issue over an N though, havent said that an N personality could distract us while training or playing particularly sinlge sports like tennis, golf.

Think having a T is good aswell, so you dont get down on yourself as much while playing think a F could be hindering.

I wonder do alot of athletes test ESTJ,ISTJ?
I am terrible at classic sports. Park/Playground games (like hide and seek) I am pretty good at. I am also quite good at skiing.
This is not true, I was VERY good at sports, I was a starter in Football, basketball, baseball and I was awesome in track. I also made Captain of my highschool football team as a Freshman. I also started in the last 2 games of my freshman year for the varsity team.
I like to think I'm naturally talented when it comes to my training. I understand the concepts and how things sit empirically in a system of combatives. When it comes to sports- yeah I'm pretty good at them. I mean, I hate football and all those traditional sports. But I love combat sports. I do freestyle wrestling, grappling and boxing and I took to them pretty quickly. Wrestling is very difficult and HATED it at first but I stuck with it, now I'm pretty good. I'm like a sponge in that sense, I soak up all the information and I'll apply it to myself.
I was pretty good as a soccer goalkeeper when I was a kid. I hated diving for the ball so I developed a system so I could tell if the ball was going to go in the net or not :m078:

I'm utterly horrible at sport now however; I trip over my feet all the time!
I suck at all sports that involve some kind of ball... (exept badmington)

Other than that, Ballet and Gymnastics if they are considered sports. =)
:m054: Who makes a dirty joke about it?

Well, I suck at soccer, basketball, swimming, badmington, tennis, ...
I was only good at baseball and running.
I love sports. I love competition, but in a healthy way. I like the idea of knowing I've worked hard and practiced for something, and tried my best to win, and won. I used to run track when I was younger and played soccer. I played for my high school's 10th grade soccer team. Don't laugh, but we won one game outta the whole season; yea we kinda sucked. But it was fun. We were a new team, had a new coach and the majority of the schools we played against were more developed, I would say. But that is really no excuse. We still tried and I got to befriend a lot of kids I never really spoke to at school prior to me joining. I also love volleyball & basketball. I didn't like gym class at school, but I always looked forward to the sports and competitions.
I am terrible at team sports. I guess I can be good at sports if I'm willing to make it work, but I just don't like most sports. I do like to surf in the summer months, and I guess it's partly because it's such a solitary sport.
I seem to recall I have replied to this thread before, heh must have been deleted. No suprise it was a rather silly response
I'm also very good at sports. I'm on my school's varsity football team and I plan on playing basketball in the winter as well. I'm good at rugby too but my school doesn't offer it as a team sport.
I'm a very physical person actually and I barely have any S. I'm not GREAT but I'm actually fairly naturally athletic. I was particularly good at fencing and martial arts. i have crazy reflexes, so that helps with that. Volleyball, Track, And Cross Country although for some reason the Cross Country team was really really nerdy. My friends straight made fun of me for joining but running distance is very meditative. I think that's what I like about sports... that calm sort of single minded focus. Be the ball and all that.
I have the worst eye-hand coordination ever, but I'm built for strength and endurance. I wasn't the best at sports per-say, although I've always been a pretty good athlete. They convinced me to go on the rugby team back in highschool for this reason. I wasn't the superstar, and I was probably one of the girls with the smallest frame on the team, but boy, it was tough to take me down. It was really no skill, though; it's just how I'm physically built.
When I was young(about 11 or 12) I used to be very good at them, especially football, soccer and basketball but now I can't even touch the hoop with the ball :( wtf is that all about!
Does Halo count?
I'm terrible at sports, but I love to dance. I think for me the "out of touch with the physical world" sums it up, because dancing is from within me. Dodgeballs flying towards my face or having to play on a team, well, that's just not me.