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  • Trapped somewhere between being smart enough to know I am damaged, and too dumb to stop being so prideful.
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    It's a process. You're alright Billy. Nice to see you back.

    The user formerly known as Neverwhere x
    Glad to be back. :D
    Hope you are doing okay.....let me know if you need someone to listen to you bitch who won't fall in lurv with you.... ;)
    I don't want to derail the thread, so I'll answer it here.

    You said:
    "So in other words, you believe that my brother (who is gay) needs to burn in hell for breaking the moral code of some illiterate desert wanderers 3000 years ago?"

    I simply believe what the Bible says.

    It says that marriage is between a man and a woman, and that all sex outside of marriage is sin, which includes adultery and fornication, heterosexual as well as homosexual.

    The Bible also says that ALL human beings are sinners by nature and deserve eternal damnation.

    But there is forgiveness of sin in Christ.

    The Bible asays that God has elected to save some from eternal damnation and pass over others--according to his own sovereign will and pleasure, and not according to any works they have done, whether good or evil. It says that Christ lived a perfect life of righteousness on this earth and shed his own blood as the Atoning Sacrifice and Substitute for sinners. It says that all those whom the Father gives the Son will come to Him. And ANYONE who comes to the Father for mercy through faith in Christ is not condemned, but has eternal life. Anyone who does not come to Christ will perish in their sin and face eternal damnation.

    It's no different for your brother than anyone else.

    If he comes to Christ, he will be saved. If not, he will go to perdition.

    You said:
    "Eaten any shellfish or touched some bacon lately? Do you work on Saturday or Sunday?"

    I'm a Christian, not a Jew.
    The Mosaic Covenant was fulfilled by Christ and has, therefore, been abolished for those whose faith is in Christ.
    Did you see the thread I made about you? :D

    Oh yea, on the guy with the shitty girlfriend.....I'm too nice to say it but I would guess he may be gay. He puts up with it because he isn't interrested in the pussy. LOL
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