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  • I used o be the religious nut on his forum a few years back, I've mellowed a bit since then but every now and again I find myself posting in a religious discussion. But to answer your question, I'm a Christian with ties to the Restoration movement(Christian Churches/Church of Chris/Disciples of Christ.) I went did my schooling at Florida Christian College which is now Johnson University.
    Wonka, I talk similar to the way you described except I don't ramble. So I wouldn't judge your type by your speech pattern.
    Uberrogo is biased. He thinks everyone is a sensor. How do you talk? Do you veer off topic to include unnecessary details a lot? Do you ever feel trapped inside your head? These are traits typical of Intuitives. Maybe you just aren't a type though. Some people are very balanced and just don't have a type.
    But obviously I don't know you I could be totally wrong, I'm just telling you what it seems like to me.
    Sorry for the late response. But I know that you're a painter (and you're pictures are very, very impressive) so I considered the hands of aspect of it would sort of make you an S. I get the introvert and feeler vibe from you, so I personally think it's either ISFP or ISFJ. ISFJ may be better.
    I must say. Each person on this forum is like a character to me. You are the guy who is constantly walking around asking "what type am I?" Even daaaays later you were still wondering around asking, I enjoyed it. Sorry if that seems rude. But it was just your character.
    When I read the infj description it was like an epiphany. I instantly knew "this is what I am". The fact it took so long to discover you were infj makes it seem strange. But at the same time; I don't doubt you are introverted, intuitive because it took you so long and you considered so many options, feeler because you enjoy this forum, j because u needed closure. So maybe... What makes you so sure you are infj?
    I see you've decided you are INFJ now, that is clear proof that you are not one.
    It depends on how well you know me, what I tjink you can handle, how many emotions I feel like dealing with from others at the time , and the situation. I dont think im as blunt as you think I am. I just have a dry sense of humor.


    Fwiw I just don't use a filter on the forum I just say whatever I think, in real life I don't tell anyone anything I usually keep it to myself or say it in an ambiguous way.
    I was in the military. Now I'm unemployed. I have a bs degree in human resource management. I got it because it seemed really interesting but I find that I am missing key elements Iwht i wanted to know.

    Economics is much more interesting and I probably would have taken Econ as a major had I not been put off by how impossibly hard it is supposed to be.

    I think it is only fair if you reply back with where this information about me is leading you.

    Why are you deleting posts off my wall?
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