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  • Hahaha! I mostly nap like this:

    An unhealthy liver has fatty marbling in it....or if you have liver cirrhosis from drinking too much for too long it looks similar to ground beef.
    I can find you some pictures if you are really interested! Thanks for the Rep!
    Hi- yes I am a philosophy major. I've read a lot about graduate school in philosophy, but it is extremely difficult and has little chance of employment. I would still like to do it, but I also would like to have a career and family, so I have a problem.
    Thanku. I needed that.keeps me a lil more positive. I don't kno how to do those rep comments though
    Thank you Imbue, I'm just riding the waves, the fact that you are trying is very comforting : )
    Thats not true.

    You're making this conclusion with the assumption that I'm not capable of hypothesising or imagining an event unless I've experienced it.

    That is to say, you are assuming that I couldn't make an observation about the human mind and it's ability to 'blank out' unless I had experienced it.
    They may be, but ultimately, wanting to forget becomes forgetting, if you're good enough at it.

    So really, they *can* be the same thing.
    I see.

    The ability of the human mind to blank out that which it wants desperately to forget is remarkable.
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