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Apr 21, 1989 (Age: 33)
To be True To Myself and to succeed in that which

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Sep 20, 2013
    1. soulseeker
      What pictures? haha
    2. soulseeker
      haha =)) I guess I'm better than before :)
    3. soulseeker
    4. soulseeker
      Hi :) yeah still am, though not often.
    5. RecklessDreamer
      Whitefire! I never use this anymore. Sorry for the late reply.
    6. soulseeker
      Hello :) I forgot to greet you a happy birthday.. so , Belated Happy Birthday :) :)
    7. Azure_Knight
      Happy birthday.
    8. soulseeker
      hello :) no I don't. :)
    9. Quest
      No problem. For reps, under the poster's rep box/es: [[IMG][IMG][IMG]], you'll see a grayish icon. It's right beside the green light that shows when someone's online. Clicking on that icon'll allow you to leave the poster a rep comment.
    10. Wyote
      lol no idea man. It was crazy.
    11. Wyote
      He posted some nude photos of himself and then left the forum after he was punished for this.
    12. slant
    13. Wyote
      Toph from Avatar? No. It was a wolf spirit before it became Anubis. I can't remember what it was before that, if it was anything else.

      But yea, thanks! I try to pick ones that pop out at me and feel INFJ-ish.
    14. Wyote
      What are you referring to?
    15. soulseeker
      hello :) hahaha.. good for you :)
    16. RecklessDreamer
      Why thank you kindly (: What makes you say so?
    17. soulseeker
      hmm... not now! it has not been 6 months since you dropped me a message :)
    18. soulseeker
      :)) :)) you do? bwahahaha I didn't notice

      Philippines :)
    19. soulseeker
    20. Odyne
      lol, you wrote on your own wall. No wonder I didn't know you replied.

      I know Canada is far away. Right now, we have summer. Not that it's much of a summer, it rains all the time. >.>

      No the earthquake happened close by but it didn't effect us so much. Thank god.
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    Apr 21, 1989 (Age: 33)
    To be True To Myself and to succeed in that which
    The Names Alan. But I go By Whitefire...

    OK What da ya wanna know about Me?...Well I Practice Martial Arts, Breakdancing or Just dancing In General) I PLay A Game Called Halo 3 Alot And Im Really Good at It-HOORAH!-

    Umm Ive come here to chat with people Like me who see the world in a different view than i know most do. I AM proudly an INFJ. I am an Empath also and that comes with so much right there. I am internally cocky but NEVER show it. In fact i always talk like im shy when i talk most of the time trying to be kind. Uhh Ladies I Do Flirt Alot.I am definately NOT GAY. I do like this sumtimes...OMG NO WAY! Are you FREAKIN SERIOUS! LOL! haha yea i talk like that but idk to me thats a very positive way of talking with alot of energy. And as far as the flirting goes... If It Ever bothers You Just i guesss give me hints to stop or just simply ask me u know. Im a Cool open guy. I am sumwhat of a blonde too. Weird i know right. But i mixed with blak and white but sumtimes...I just get lost. u know?

    I Call Myself Whitefire bcuz it is a representation of what energy i feel inside my body(I think Its kundalini) And to represent my Consciousness and unconsciousness. The name means "Innocent Deadlyliness" or like a "devil from heaven". Its not like im twisted i just see myself a great balance between Bad and good. I can be the best person you've ever known but if you cross me or try to hurt my family your kinda on my bad list. And im saying that in a nice way. idk everybodys made mistakes(me included) and im NOT against forgivning, im against being betrayed time and time again.

    Well To end it all...Im a cool shy guy who likes to dance,flirt, fight, video games, and laugh.
    Im almost ALWAYS saying "hehe" or in my sentences cuz alot of stuff is actually funny to me.
    If you can make me laugh, ill freakin adore you cuz laughing takes away the pain. So in a way people who make me laugh are my doctors!....(hehe that was nice lol)
    What would be your epitaph?:
    Wth's epitaph?
    ummm You should read my bio.

    Breakdancing, Music, Martial Arts(Tricking) Gymnastics,girls and fun. :)


    I Have 3 Signatures so read up.

    * I Hear Playing With Fire Can Be Dangerous. Therefore... I Suggest You Stand Back. *:mlight:

    * I am in a deep search here people. I believe it is one of the reasons i am here...on this site I mean. And its more than just finding who I am. Its more so "what" i am. And...most of all. Theres a power. I hear. I just cant feel it. What is it...? What is it...And why does it call to me all soo well?.... *

    * Waka Waka Waka *:m129:

    I paid a grip!:m129::m129: