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Write your bio so far in 5 words . . .


Sep 5, 2009
Write a catch introduction to your autobio so far in 10-15 words . . .


She forever rose in fear, uncompromised.

I always chose the fork in the road. Never one to move in one direction.

My socks had two holes, but my knees hid one of them.
I have always felt alone.
(Despite having a great family).
I have lived in Japan.
I have seen many things.
I've travelled to 10 countries.
I have a nice kitty.
She is gray and white.
She is an outside cat.
She brings me dead birds.
She's very proud of this.
I've studied Japanese for years.
About seven to be exact.
I'm passionate about the language.
I'm not passionate about much.
But Japanese is very different.
Writing like this is exhausting.
He laughed, he cried, himself denied, then found love inside.:couch2:
By standards of God and grace, he found himself only in his face.
I like shiny things; they are fun.
I don't remember.
I just know I am.
There's nothing else,
Only pebbles on the beach.
Quietly finding a path he travelled the world, then cherished it all in blissful obscurity.
He thought, and thought, and thought, and then he got it. Sometimes he even got paid.
He looks heavenward and sees the sky.
A speck of sand afloat in the current; hilarious.
[istj mode] Ate, slept, pooped, jerked off.
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, she overcame overwhelming obstacles and found peace.
I tried to understand, and now I understand I'll never understand it all. And that's the beauty of it.
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He forgave everyone but himself.
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Having been around the world once already, I've miles to go before I sleep.
She's finding beauty in her own graces, her heart expanding. Her joy is bright.

It's like spending all your years in darkness, until one day, light breaks through.
and slant said let there be light...and there was an atomic bomb explosion.
she lived
she loved
tripped on her shoelace and choked on gum.
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[FONT=&quot]She fucked up. A lot. But did it with such clumsy charm, it seemed art.

No matter what obstacles came her way she kept going like the Energizer Bunny: going and going and.....