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Nov 16, 2009
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Apr 2, 2015
    1. Rain
      mew <3
    2. James
      Hope all is well with you intjmom, we had some great weather here in the UK for the last week or so, but we're back to damp and cold again now.
    3. Kgal
      Yay! Way more manageable. I see where you've asked for someone to delete your blog. I am only a low level moderator and unable to do anything remotely resembling that request. As I understand it, they can "hide it". Dont' worry. It'll happen.
    4. Kgal
      Honestly I didn't count - but it seemed to get longer once I did click on it. Maybe that was my imagination. [shrug].
    5. Kgal
      This is what I ended up doing. I went to the first page of my blog thread. Up in the menu line right above the first post is an icon that says: "Thread Tools" with a drop down arrow. If you click on that you will see "Show Printable Version". I chose that one - clicked on "show 40 posts per page" - then did a print. The print version condenses the pages and removes the pictures - including avatars. I printed it. Then I also did a Right Click - Save As - web page html only and saved the entire blog on my hard drive on my computer. Thus I have a printed copy and a saved copy. I hope this works out for you.
    6. James
      Glad you're well and kept your job, its about time the economy started improving. My back has been quite a struggle art the moment but I'm hoping to get some treatment to help later this week. Belated 4th July best wishes. Take care.
    7. Bird
      You are so sexy.

      P.S. This is me hitting on you.
    8. James
      Hi there how are you? I'm back home after my holiday. We've all survived the rapture/end of the world then... I hope you're ok and the job is still ok. Take care.
    9. James
      Hi there,
      I popped by to see how you were, I noticed you hadn't blogged for a while? I hadn't either as I just seemed to be "on the treadmill" a bit recently. Still that's life I guess and I'm going on holiday soon. I hope all is well with you. Take care.
    10. James
      How are this with you, how is work? We've had some great sunny weather here in the UK, I hope things are going well. James
    11. James
      My job is not so great, we've cut too many staff and have too much work. Otherwise I'm ok. I'm really glad to hear things are going so well for you, and with your job. I hope your arm improves. I finished my walk a while ago, and started a new one the Appalachian trail (virtual). I've done 998miles now since last July. Take care.
    12. James
      Long time no hear, how are things? Take care.
    13. Seraffa
      Hi! peace be with you, Just started a Lenten discussion thread in our group for the next 40 days. God bless.
    14. kucala
      No problem x]
    15. InvisibleJim
      Thank you, it does seem so; I'm more interested in expanding my range of typology discussion though! :D
    16. The Jester
      The Jester
      I just read your blog and saw your photo album, your trip looks awesome.
      I'm jealous :(
    17. James
      Hi INTJMom,
      well Holland didn't win the world cup, but they had a great tournament and I think Spain were worthy winners. Sadly England never took a squad of mixed ages and didn't include enough younger players. I've never been to Holland but my wife has and she thought it was great. I hope you have an amazing time, August is not so far away now.

      Take Care,
    18. James
      Hi INTJMom,
      thank you for your reply, yes it was a very 'british' story and I hadn't really thought of that when I posted the link. A pitch is just the area of land the soccer game is played on. In a somewhat crowded playground obviously it can lead to tensions, when space is at a premium.

      The story was meant more to be representative of peoples behaviour the competing/fighting over resources, which I guess begins in childhood. The rest was more personal, my impression of some childhood memories. Having re-read it, I think it gives too negative an impression of my father, who was a wonderful and kind man. Quite introverted and science orientated (did you spot the big bang reference T=0 ?). Despite all of his scientific views, he was a religious person and very open in his views.

      My mother was very kind, and less intellectually inclined, but with a very wise/artistic personality. Maybe it was my way of trying to recapture that for a little while.

      Anyway thank you for reading it, and your kind comments. Take care,
    19. James
      Hi INTJMom, I just read Melkors message, I feel for the guy, how much pain is he in? Sensitively handled by you. Here is a link to a story I wrote, I'd appreciate your opinion. Be honest, but be gentle.. if thats possible Story
    20. Melkor
      An INTJ mother?

      Thats like the two most vile labels know to man!


      You miss, are a thing of pure wickedness!
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