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  • I may be mortal sir, but in your frozen, immortal heart you envy me deeply.

    For I am more warm and alive than you can ever aspire to be.

    A faint shadow passing perhaps, unworthy of your vast wisdom, but so too are the roses in the bush, the moth to it's flame and the rising sun. Mere, fleeting moments, but encapsulated in their swiftly diminishing grace is true beauty.

    Come, tame this mortal creature if you are brave enough!
    Aha, you said 'emotional weaknesses'!

    *Sensoorsss cannot pick up annnyyyy fe-eeelings, Thinker deee-tected, THINKER DEEETECCTED*


    Yes, but of course.

    I feel weak in a mortal, emotional shell.

    I wish to discard these dreadful feelings I get so often.

    Ah, but of course, we're all our own enigma, and I have solved many human mysteries, perhaps you are next, dream lord?;P
    You're rather dreamy sir.

    However, I must disagree, some of us wish we were a little more human.

    Even I, who despise a large portion of my humanity, sometimes (though rarely) wish I could be that little bit more human.

    It would help me understand them, gain their trust, perhaps their love.

    As it is, I understand their methods and motions, but not their motives.:(
    @Chaz: I would not kill you for it, I'd only be unhappy if someone stole it and said they made it.
    And Hello ;D!
    Haha, yus. I'm a pretty big Neil Gaiman fan in general. I don't really read graphic novels much but I can't deny that The Sandman is a masterpiece.

    I should probably mention that the sig was made by DoveAlexa on these forums, she'd kill me if I didn't. Also a Sandman fanatic.
    Dude, I use Morpheus as part of my sigpic sometimes, same picture! Nice to see another Sandman fan.

    DREAM! Your avatar is of Dream! You have no idea how happy that has made me.
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