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  • Pretty decent! I just got back from the most epic family cruise ever! I also feel as if I have found a new direction in life.
    Great to hear from you. Hope you have a fabulous summer break. Free time is awesome, eh? Any plans? I'm doing fine, thank you. Life is proving to be quite magical at the moment. :)
    You looked at my profile, I'm curious as in to why? :). Did my INTJ-ness attract you?
    Exactly! Sometimes I talk to him about this stuff and he goes "STOP SIMPLIFYING ME!" It's pretty cute. =D
    INFJ all the way. I have a rare bread evidently. It's confusing sometimes but we get along really well, and challenge each other.
    One can only hope... Personally I wanted to test how my theories worked on Feeling minds... So far so good.

    Stop me if you've heard this one...

    But whats a girl like you..doing in a lovely place like this?
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