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Would you like an INTJ?

welcome :)

... not too sure if the point of this site is to be a place of meeting potential partners, but...

so anyways, I hope you enjoy the forum experience.
I like INTJs and get along very well with them. However, the whole partner-by-type thing doesn't really appeal to me, just because there are so many other factors that are involved in compatibility...
Wow... this thread seems to have generated quite a response. It seems like a few of you have asked me to explain the "rational" approach to feeling. Maybe I shouldn't have termed it a rational approach to thinking, but rather said that they are both equally complimentary traits, with one trait (either T or F) emerging as the dominant trait according to different situations. For example, a couple of weeks ago I heard secondhand that one of my friends was supposedly saying things behind my back. Needless to say, I was very angry about this, and rightly so, if the accusations had turned out to be true. I maintained a level head, however, observed the situation logically, and finally found out that my friend had been the victim of rumors spread about him. Obviously, this logical/feeling complimentary approach can be applied throughout many various situations and in different ways, so this example is just one way in which it is relevant.

Also, you all are asking if I think Wolverine is an INTJ... I honestly don't know, I've just been watching X-Men recently and thought it would be a cool username.
My INFJ tells me that there is a "logic" to feelings, but I've yet to figure out what she means. If anything, my feelings seem to defy logic.
Well, there is a logic to everything including what appears to be illogic. Effect demands cause after all. Lets say you said something which angered your INFJ. It probably points towards an aspiration which she's trying to fulfill but has not measured up to, and has attached a strong feeling to (feelings are, after all, data that has the property 'importance' hardwired into it). It seems silly but feelings are the life force which drives our race towards advancement. A steady family best happens in a loving relationship that sustains itself on that feeling, and that is just one example. Even the fact that human beings are emotional creatures was added for a logical reason by whatever order or coincidences of the universe have created us for. It serves a larger purpose, just like the role of everything else in this universe.
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an INTJ could be good for me, on the condition that they can be emotionally avaliable when you get to know them, and that they don't become over-bearing, if and when they do become emotionally invested. Te can be a wonderful thing, but if it isn't balanced out with Fi then it becomes extremely toxic to me.
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Am I allowed to say hi even though I'm too young for you and am not interested in a relationship at the moment?

Ok well I'm saying hi.

I sort of get what you mean by logical feeling. I don't think I've ever experienced such a thing but I can imagine what that'd be like.