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Shai Gar

Who here plays on what servers?

Also, what side do you play?

I'm a Horde Warlock... I was on Caer, playing a BElf Lock, but I'm considering playing either an Undead Lock, or an Orc Lock...
Level 46 hunter on alterac mountains. Haven't played for awhile though been playing private servers.
Private Servers? Do telll... It'd be cool to have a server all for ourselves here.
Oh you just edit a file in you client folder. Usually you level much faster on them. I wouldn't suggest hosting one since they're kind of against the ToS.
How do you edit? Would you be able to show me how to set one up so that could have a private server for playing?
sure hop on aim. I don't want to post here because I don't want to get the forums in trouble.
Some private servers are free. I know because I played on one for a while. It's interesting but repetitive and somewhat mindless much of the time. I'd rather do something more active or completely mindless like staring off into space.
i am for Horde, all the way...

when i first started, i was nelf rogue... but i found out that allies never helped... so it was easy for me to cross over, all it took was a little convincing and i was hooked...

so, i started tauren warrior, then started undead warlock, and undead rogue... after i got them to their 40s-50s, i started a belf priest...

and i'm already contemplating starting a female undead warrior (cause undead chicks are hot)
I used to play. *sob* I miss it. I have had several characters. Some horde some alliance. My main character is a level 40 something night elf Hunter. I have to get a computer and then start playing again.:mD:
Yoz has a wow 'diction
oh, i forgot to say what server... Balnazzar :)
is going through wow withdrawal.
Ally rogue! :D And I just made lvl 18. HOO-rah! ;)

But right now I feel like a noob. I don't know how I did it, but in the middle of a fight I accidentally grabbed my fishing pole. And when I tried to re-equip, I guess I locked my action bar - I can't use my throwing weapon! Arrgh. I'll go read the manual later and figure out what I did. :p

N00b. Supreme.
im at 60% to ding lvl 59 on my undead warlock.... it was awesome to see a 55 night elf run for his life in un'goro... i am so awesome...

heh, i can't do ally... tried it, didn't like it...

... and i usually have a tendency to take any of them out on any given day...

... that's a big reason i don't lock my action bars though... you can't use anything...
I'm thinking of playing.

Although I told a couple of my friends that I was considering it and they said their personal opinion of me instantly dropped just by suggesting it. They said if I started playing then they would consider me lower than the bacteria on the white dot in bird poop.
Cool friends.
Okay, since I was stuck in bed for several days I gave in and played the trial version of this evil game. And it is just as addictive as I figured it would be. I traded in all my old X box games that I don't play anymore for a retail copy of the game so I can play it for another 30 days! Curse this evil, evil game!