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  • Yeah. I'm working my way out of a sinus infection that got really bad overseas, so I'm sure that has something to do with it!
    My BFF's b/f has the hat AND the hair! Oh, glasses, too. His degree is in architecture, and we have so many things in common, it is seriously scary! I feel like she's dating a male me.
    Hiya! Haven't been on in awhile, saw you posted on my wall. Thought I'd pop in again. Got back from china, and now I can't sleep normal-even for night shift!
    Random fact: my ENTJ best friend is dating an INFJ male who looks an awful lot like you! It's wiggin me out a bit, but it's pretty awesome!
    I'm never on AIM anymore... I won't have AIM access for ages either. PM it.
    Hey there, can you wash these for me please :becky:

    I am the first to mar your spotless wall! I leave offerings of blankees stolen from members who stole them from you.
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