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    so, what have you been doing with yourself in the meantime?
    Hey nom nom face. How was china?
    Happy buurrrrday?!?!?

    *Belches* Great party duuude. *runs off to find more booze*

    By the way hi my name is Satan, I don't think we've been officially introduced. Nice av
    Whoop! Happy Birthday Kwis! Hope you get to go out and do something completely debaucherous and naughty!
    That's kind of cool does he have the fedora? Or just the long hair?

    I hope your trip from china was good. And get back to sleeping properly. I'm surprised you can't even do the nightshift though.
    *Cue Beach Boys, wouldn't it be nice*

    Wouldn't it be nice if the world was Cadbury
    Chocolate roads and trees 'n' birds 'n' bees

    Delivering all kinds of letters daily
    [IMG] [IMG]
    Every kind of purple parcel too.

    And if the dog did try and grab a mouthful
    [IMG] [IMG]
    You can bite him back, he'll taste delightful

    Wouldn't it be nice.

    Sometimes adds get it right :D
    I think she's referring to my constant hitting on her. I should change targets, since targetting her is just being lazy (too easy).

    New Target Acquired: SH
    :D Actually. I want a chocolate like that. If I had one, I'd never give you even a nibble. Not to be rude or anything, it's just that... MINE!
    Hai Kwiss

    Greetings Kwistalline,
    I just wanted to respond to your earlier question from one of the topics:

    "you are proof that the INFJ has a great potential for writing. Interesting pic, btw. Do you travel?"

    As for traveling, I don't think I travel too much more than the average person. When I do, it is generally within the U.S. However, I have been to Turkey and Iraq; both because the Air Force sent me there (I've been in the Air Force for 8 years now). I am currently in Iraq still, but within one month of returning to my home in Missouri. I do love to travel and plan to do some as soon as I get back from Iraq. When I do travel, it is never to just get away from where I am. I always have some mission in mind, whether it is to help someone in need, to meet new people, reconnect with old ones, or see someone close to me.
    That picture of me was taken in Buena Vista, Colorado last July. I was with some juniors and seniors from my former high school on a summer trip. The guys and I had just hiked/climbed back down from a mountain baring wildflowers as gifts for the girls that were with us. You can't really see them too well in the picture.
    Yes, I do write a bit when I take the time to. It is the one opportunity I have to take all of the information that I've collected over a period of time and organize it into a coherent structure. There is absolutely no way that I could explain verbally to someone what I am learning or my thoughts in a way that could be understood. Because of that [often frustrating] NI function, there are so many different thoughts and abstract ideas that seemingly randomly float around the construct of my mind and I am generally aware of most or all of them, but there is a sequence to them. However, the path that started at one idea and led to another and another and another is made almost subconsciously. It is only when I write, that I'm able to find the root idea, and then piece together the ones that follow it to the final conclusion. So for me, writing is almost a must, or else no one would ever understand me. In my travels, I have only met a couple of INFJ's that I am aware of. Being around them is so cool, I think. It is less of a struggle to be understood around them. There is one I met last summer in Mississippi. His name is Nehemiah and he is 23. Wow, I have never made such a close friend in such a short amount of time. I didn't even have to write around him. Imagine saying anything and instantly having it understood without clarification. It seemed like whenever I talked about something, he not only understood the meaning of what I said, but intuitively new where I was going with it. It was amazing. I had never had conversations of such clarity before in my life.
    Well, sorry for all that extra stuff. I know your only question was if I traveled. I guess I needed to write and you incited me to it. Anyways, do you travel/like to travel? Do you write at all? If so, about what?

    NobleKnight - aka: Jared
    Ooooh nice wall *faking Internet talk* heehee
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