Who do you write like?

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A pretty interesting test to determine which famous author(s) your writing style is similar to.

The test is here:

My Results:
An essay : David Foster Wallace
Another essay: HP Lovecraft
A diary entry: David Foster Wallace
Another diary entry: Arthur Clarke

As many of us seem to possess an avid interest in the litarary arts, I am really curious to see what results are produced. I wonder if we would any interesting patterns as well

Blog post: Stephen King
Short Story: Chuck Palahnuik
"Living Being Authentic Self" blog article: David Foster Wallace
Poem "Medusa": Bram Stoker
Poem "You keep me": George Orwell
Poem "I get you": Chuck Palahnuik
Poem "Egg Shells": David Foster Wallace
Poem "Even Then": James Joyce
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Your results are going to be different depending on what you paste in.

Analyzing something / Giving Advice: Cory Doctorwo
Blog / Journal type post: Cory Doctorwo
Recalling something / telling a story: Raymond Chandler

Hmm, I am going to have to look up who this cory fellow is. Those two posts that I scanned were a year apart and talked about very different things in very different ways.
Combined a couple: Cory Doctorow
I also got Arthur [Presumably 'C.'] Clark
Straight narrative, third-person fiction: Douglas Adams

Fantasy, third-person narrative: David Foster Wallace

Fantasy, third-person narrative, action/fight scene: Dan Brown

My Rant-y, Blog Style: Isaac Asimov

Giving Advice: Cory Doctorow

Bah, this is all over the place.
Mostly Stephen King or H.P. Lovecraft. I also got Gertrude Stein and J.K. Rofling.
Wow, I got Ursula LeGuin when I posted three poems that encompose my normal style. I love her! When I posted my epic "In the Hallows" I got Dan Brown.
Okay guys, I got Chuck Palahniuk.

I dont like this quiz thing.
I remember that a month or two ago a facebook friend of mine (who is just about to move to California because she got a really good scholarship and stipend to get her Ph.D. in literature at Berkley) commented on one of her friends who posted that this test had just told her that she wrote like James Joice (on whom the friend in question had written her thesis). She said that this quiz was written by a vanity publisher in order to encourage people to overestimate their skill and pay the company far more than they deserve in order to publish their work. I think she also said that she doubted the site actually analyzes the text in order to decide which author to choose.
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Boo, my poetry got me Stephen King and Chuck Palahniuk. No offense to people who like those authors, but damnit I don't like these results in the least bit.

My stories got William Gibson. *cries*
Apparently I'm a mixture of Dan Brown and David Foster Wallace.

No complaints.
First posted some obscure paragraphs by Leo Tolstoy and it said... Leo Tolstoy. Well done!

Then I posted some obscure paragraphs of mine and it said... Charles Dickens. Well, Dickens is claimed to have been ENFP.
Blog entry describing everyday life: David Foster Wallace

Blog entry describing a dream I had: Stephen King

Analytical essay of a book: P.G. Woodhouse

Research Paper (Stem Cells): Jonathan Swift