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  • Do people just click on questionable links, and select "yes" to the browser warnings? I've never ever been hacked for anything. I think I've only had 1 virus in my lifetime and that was like 14 years ago.
    Oh, he's a fan alright. It's what got us together. It's just that he doesn't want me getting the One Ring because of what it means. Anything else in the Tengwar script would be fine though. Just not that one.

    Honestly I'm not sure I could handle the needles, but I may try to get something done in henna at some point.
    Tattoo? Wasn't aware you had one. Is it perhaps not often in the public view?

    I trust you are versed in the Silmarilion also?
    That sounds very very good for world PvP. Rogues can do it too with sprinting away or vanish, although it doesn't always work. A mage like me will stick close to them once they're getting low on health to prevent something like that. Mages can escape quite well too. Invisibility, or snare then blink. Or polymorph then blink. But nothing beats druid flight form. Not that I ever find any good players in world PvP.
    yes playing that druid makes me want to choke myself
    they don't blink
    or invis
    or ice block
    or nova
    or spellsteal
    or do anything cool!! except mirror images... and... cyclone (omg so leet)
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