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  • Wow, you get all the luck, huh? I really need to get back in touch with my family in America, I've been pretty
    Distant even by my standards with them, not entirely intentional but it might seem that way to them. I'd do what I did with my granddad, I just called him up, said that I hadn't seen him for a while and offered to take him out for lunch the next week just him and myself, during that time I wasn't getting on with his now ex gf and my mum didn't want anything to do with her so I figured if they wanted to act like children I'd have to act like an adult :p

    You really can't get away from that Jada girl can you lol, I would of thought Texas was a big enough state but I guess not lol. Homewrecker huh? It just seems so strange for people to use that terminology and mean it.

    How goes your Mac and cheese recipe? ;)

    I haven't even got a tree up yet! I dunno to me it's a big family thing and I think putting up a tree would just make me feel lonely, actually if I didn't get this new job I wouldn't of been able to go to my family's for Christmas, it would've just been me alone in a house with a single pinecone half green and half red lol.

    Have you crafted any Christmas tree decorations yet? I know your the crafty sort. :p
    Wow, it's surprising anyone can be like that. I guess in situations like that you've just got to out play the other person, tell her dates you can't do and say you can, have alarms for birthdays and such and just go over the top with stuff, keep spending more time with him and it'll sort itself out. Does your dad still live a log way away?

    That's such a shame about the singing, what kinda work are you doing instead now? :)

    Are you looking forward to Christmas? I've still got to get cards for my American side of the family, I really need to do that this weekend or it won't get to them in time. I can't believe how quickly Christmas has come around this year!
    "horse of a girlfriend", from what I can remember you never did get on well with her, what's changed to make exceptionally more difficult?

    Yep, I'm doing quite well at the moment, though I've moved 4 times within a year, I didn't even realise till a friend pointed it out so I'm probably going to stay where I am for a while. To be honest it even seems strange to think I'll be in the same place for over a year but I've stepped up a bit career wise at least and I can actually afford to save and live a little. I've only been where I am for 3 weeks so I'm still getting acclimated, seems like a nice enough place though. :)

    How's your singing going? I hope you're still keeping it up after all this time :) Oh and how's David's back doing?
    Nope still single, honestly working at my previous job I was getting up at 5:30am and not back till 6:00pm (at the earliest) so although I went out with the people at work once a week I didn't really do much else. My new job is pretty great in comparison though, I'm working 8 - 4, pretty sociable hours :) It was a little awkward though, the day I handed in my notice they called me into the office to offer me a raise lol, for the moment I'm pretty happy where I am, I've got a pretty big project that I'm being put forward for next year which I'm pretty excited about, I really hope that pans out, it'll look great on my CV.

    Hows everything else going for you besides the future marriage thing? :)
    That's great! :D what kinda wedding are you having? I'm not really sure lol. I moved down south for a new job recently which is going well so far, time will tell, next year is going to be pretty exciting, I've got a massive project ahead of me though so I'm a little nervous about it but it'll be a lot of fun :) how's other stuffs going? Will you be singing at your wedding? :)
    Congratulations! That's great to hear, when's the big day? I'm so happy things are going well for you! :)
    Yep me too! I'm so glad that you moved away from your family, they were driving you absolutely crazy after all. It's great to hear that things are coming together for you :) Hey, you still have my Skype right? Feel free to give me a call, I'm usually set to "busy" whether I'm there or not just so you know though but it would be great to catch up with you :)
    Eh, I've had better days, struggling a little now but things will pick up eventually. What state are you living in nowadays? :)
    YAY! I'm so glad you did, that was the biggest anchor for you. You're a homemaker? :O wait wait wait wait, I thought you couldn't cook! (minus mac and cheese) :p

    I'm so happy for you :) I hope you get something will turn up job wise soon :)
    Excellent!!!!! I'm so happy to hear that you're doing well! :D :D :D We should catch up! What cha been up to?! :D
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