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Jan 31, 2010
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Aug 24, 2022
    1. dneecey
      Thinking of you.
    2. rawr
      happy birthday, bud. Hope it was a good one.
    3. sassafras
      I'm in and out this afternoon, sorry. I'll try to catch you early evening if you're still around :)
    4. sassafras
      Its been a mad dash, but it looks like all the important stuff is already sorted out and we can put it all to rest.

      Perhaps we can chat this weeked.
    5. sassafras
      Sounds good. Friday it is. :)
    6. sassafras
      Hey. I was thinking about you the other day. How are you? How have you been? If you're sticking around, I hope we can catch up
    7. DevilDoll
      Yeah he moved in with her about an hour away. I'd spend more time with him, but he spends it all with her. I can't see him without her... ever. And, turns out she's a legal secretary that works for Jada's associate. So, she's got the preconceived notion about how the two of us got together and what kind of people we are. On top of that, my Dad is not a huge fan and has used the term "home wrecker" in the past. Apparently she's not comfortable with me around her kids because both are married and I might cause "trouble". So... yeah. Woot. I'm getting over it. It's just a hot button thing with Christmas coming up and all.

      I don't work at the moment. I suppose I'm doing the Housewife thing... without the Wife part. :P

      I am SUPER excited about Christmas. Our trees have been up for weeks. :D
    8. DevilDoll
      That's great! I am very happy for you!

      Oh, she's a royal pain in my ass. She only seems to be interested in her perfect little family that doesn't seem to include me. My sister and I (and our significant others) went to Thanksgiving dinner and couldn't even sit at the table. Her family sat at the table and we ate off TV trays behind them. Then after dinner her family ignored us completely. We were pretty much segregated. Such an awesome holiday experience. She's been doing this for a while."Forgot" to invite me to my father's birthday party, tried to get me excluded for father's day, scheduled their Christmas on a night that she knows my sister and I can't attend (and then told us we could come see our dad a couple days before, but that she wasn't going to reschedule their family Christmas for us). She's a BITCH!

      But enough about the cow... :P Dave's back is good... He throws it out every now and then, but not very often. As for singing... I don't really do that anymore. Haven't had a voice lesson since 2009... I'm kind of retired.
    9. DevilDoll
      Sounds like you are doing really well. That's exciting!

      Eh, moved again in January. Still in the same city, just a better part of town, new roommate, and better apartment. Other than that not much has been going on. Not getting on well with my dad's horse of a Girlfriend, but that's not super surprising.
    10. DevilDoll
      Well that sounds awesome!
      Hopefully a small-ish one. :P I am hoping for less than 75 people, but my dad keeps inviting people that I hadn't planned on. Hopefully outdoors with a friend officiating and a male "maid of honor". It's gonna be a blast... I think. I've never had a wedding before, so I can't be too sure. :P

      So, you got yourself a girl these days?
    11. sassafras
      something like that i suppose
    12. DevilDoll
      Thanks! We are shooting for October of next year, but I have to find a venue before I can set a specific date. :)
      So, how are things going with you? Last I heard you had just gotten a new job. How's that going?
    13. DevilDoll
      Great! Dave and I are engaged. :) So, I am planning our wedding.
    14. DevilDoll
      Long time no talk! How're you?
    15. DevilDoll
    16. sassafras
      I've already come to terms with the fact that I don't have an other half. All by myself, I'm a complete idiot, no parts are missing. If anyone is foolish enough to come along for a ride, their idiocy will be deemed compatible, but I'm hard-pressed to believe anyone out there is that stupid.

      (And for the record, as you are wont to assume otherwise, I assure you that my tongue is firmly lodged in cheek. A little bit of self-disparaging humor is warranted, particularly if I want to offset that dreadful blush you are so insistent on chasing back onto my face).

      How goes your own woman-hunt?
    17. sassafras
      I understand your concern and applaud your careful consideration of the social ramifications of choosing the appropriate cookie duster. It's not just a personal choice, it's also political. I can see the American in you. As for moi, Mo-vember is my month, if only because it shares the first two letters of my name and I'm quirky like that. But otherwise, I've escaped the office today in favor of research and I'm sitting on campus in a semi-noisy library during pre-finals week and inwardly weeping over the long, lost glory years of student life. Nostalgia is a disease. Fortunately, I have coffee and a cute pair of boots to fill the void, armed with the re-assurance that I've still got it. I got hit on by twenty year old today who didn't realize he was barking up the wrong side of twenty-five. I would be lying if I didn't feel a bit of smug satisfaction that comes with the preemptive vertigo of one threateningly teetering over the edge of cat-ladydom. Success!
    18. sassafras
      Hmmm. Tough choice. All very distinguished, these styles. But for you...? Imperial. Put your dukes up :)
    19. sassafras
      Are you growing your mustache for Mo-vember? :)

    20. 5r6jhd
      Good luck today!!
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    "We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature."
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