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  • More of the same from me, though I'm nearing the end of the tunnel myself. My last stretch ends in April, and then I gotta get myself fit, get a new wardrobe and figure out what my next step is in my career is. I have a couple of options lined up and the problem is figuring out which one will get my closer to where I want to go.

    Right now, though, I'm suffering from a bit of a burn out. Have a lot to do but no drive to do it. It'll come back when I've got a knife at my throat again. You know me :)

    Glad to hear things are lining up for you as well. I know the feeling about having to contend with steep learning curves and how frustrating it can be, but I have no doubt that you will be able do it. You're an exceptionally intelligent guy. Best of luck on your test!
    I'm doing okay. Nothing terribly exciting--just busy and not able to get back into a routine.

    Good to hear about the jobs!! That's awesome. I hope you find something awesome soon. I'm sure you will. :eek:)
    I just saw a young British man playing guitar on my tv and it made me miss you a bit. Hope all is well in your world. :eek:)
    I will see if I can't catch you online sometime in the near future. Unfortunately, I don't have a camera anymore. My boyfriend stepped on my netbook and his laptop doesn't have one built in. so, I am out of luck on that front. :/ Hopefully that will be remedied when I get a new computer with windows 8. *is excited*
    Hey leemeister. Hope you are well. Random visitor message cause I haven't been on tc in forever. That is all. :eek:)
    Well, I do hope things pick up! I really do!

    I still live in Tennessee. I just moved away from my family. Different Neighborhood is all.
    Well, I moved. Twice since we last spoke, I think. Got away from the family... finally. And well, things have just been good. Believe it or not, I am kind of a homemaker. :p I'm looking for a job, but for now I just stay home and cook. It's weirdly fun.
    EDIT: Disregard that last message if you read it, I've solved the problem; It was just a styled footer.
    It seems to me most designers use 1024x768 (probably because of the tech-saviness). If I were to assume most potential clients were businesses that used smaller resolutions, I'd probably want to stick to the 800x600 just to be safe. I'm still trying to work out some kinks, make it a little more artistic etc.

    Is it possible to put a gallery in a "toggle view" area?
    Hey, what are your thoughts on webpage dimensions? Right now I have a 600px width wrapper on my site, but i'm thinking about reconstructing it for 1024x768px.
    Hey twin. Just hoping you have a good Monday. That is all. (My procrastination levels were off the charts this weekend. You would have been impressed.)
    Thank you for the birthday wishes!! I was thinking about you the other day! I miss our sleep deprived conversations... lol!
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