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  • Classes are important, but perhaps these coming ones won't be *too* important. ;)
    They are going into the studio in January and hope to release an album by next summer. Perhaps another night of 3am TC waiting for it's release... :D
    Are you going to Neverender?
    We must catch up some time; there have been so many developments that a mere visitor message will not suffice. Perhaps you and I will rendezvous in the tiniest of chats one evening.
    Yes! I would love to go Neverender it in September, but my company also has an event this weekend... I will need to work around that, call in sick maybe... >.>

    How have you been?! I hope all is well in the next phase of your life. ^_^
    Alas, I will be missing Coheed next week due to work related travels. :(

    But! They have provided a tour sampler EP of them, Balance & Composure, and I The Mighty:

    *quote* Hello everybody,
    In celebration of our upcoming tour with Balance and Composure and I the Mighty we've put together a free Digital EP for you to download.

    1. Coheed and Cambria (Claudio) - Pompeii (Bastille Cover)

    2. Balance and Composure - Reflection

    3. I the Mighty - Failures

    4. Coheed and Cambria - 2's My Favorite 1

    I've been listening to this Bastille song a lot recently, and after my home was vandalized last week it kinda took on a whole new meaning to me. So I recorded a version of it for your listening pleasure. Be sure to check out Balance and Composure & I the Mighty too – we kick off the tour next week!

    Download here:


    The Bastille cover is better than the original methinks, and it's already a great song. :D There's only 10,000 downloads available, but I think you still have a shot at getting it - act quick!
    I'm planning on seeing them Oct 18 in providence with a few friends for the new tour too! The supporting acts are Balance and Composure and I The Mighty. Never heard of them, but should be better than BTBAM... ugh. Your students have good taste I should think though. ;)

    Life is stressful right now. I am traveling for my company to VA this Thurs-Sun for hosting an event. I am also trying to get a new apartment closer to the city but Sept 1st is coming up and my roomies are pressuring me to sign the lease - upon which I'll be stuck at my current residence for a year. It's not that it's a bad place either, it's just there's nothing to do, the transit has inflexible schedules and I'm not too fond of my roomies so it makes things unpleasant. My roomies want to give me until midnight tomorrow to make my final decision since they don't want to scramble finding a replacement in only a week. It's a ton of pressure.
    Still sounds like a fun time, despite short setlist. They might be gearing up for a Neverender: Afterman tour though, so fingers crossed! How was Circa Survive? I've tried to get into them, but Anthony Green's (that's the singer, I think) voice is a little too whiny at times for my taste - and I listen to Coheed and Rush! O:
    I figured once it's on TV it wouldn't be as good, but c'est la vie. If CC puts them online, it'll probably be through their website and hopefully for free (but only one episode per week).

    My life is hectic again, but mostly indirectly. Lots of details that can and probably should be talked about. I'm sure you are in the same boat. I would love to catch with everyone on the forum, but never feel like I have time, or when I do, no one else is available. One night though. And a good night, with a glass of something strong. ;)
    I totally saw an internet ad for it today, and immediately thought of you! You beat me to the punch. Too bad I don't have cable though... :/
    Yay! How has my favorite Chinese pirate been? Perhaps we can have drunken tiny chat again some night and catch up (much to discuss (also I need to kill a bottle of grape vodka)).

    Hope you're having a stellar day. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
    Unfortunately no photos cause cameras weren't allowed in the building and I don't own a smartphone :( but I got in early with my VIP pass and they played Davenport Cabinet for us - Travis, Josh and Claudio. My ticket was for the mezzanine but because I got in early I was right near the stage... until Coheed came on. Russian Circles was pretty good; Between the Burred and Me was the suck and their fans were worse, killing the vibes. Lots of shoving which made it hard to stand, especially since I'm a smaller guy. Security was pretty tight so they tried to break that stuff up a lot. Once Coheed came out the shoving got so bad I couldn't stand or even see the stage and it was too exhausting so I just moved out to the side by the merch table. Still enjoyed the show overall but I liked the one I saw in September better.
    Mmh, life may be shit sometimes, but it's also like a sundae sometimes too. I hope yours is like a sundae. :)

    I'll have interesting stories after this weekend; I'm going to Boston and seeing Coheed tomorrow!
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