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What type are you most attracted towards?


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May 11, 2008
I typically find I have a lot of attraction towards ENTJs, ENTPs, and INTPs. The problem is I'm highly intimidated by all three types in real life.
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INFP! I have a hard time keeping myself away from them.:lol:
INTJs and ENTPs irl.

I like the intj complexity and intensity
I've only actually known a few ENTPs irl. I like their cleverness and sense of humor, usually.
People who dress up as faeries, or anything else fun. Colourful hair, bright eyes and sunshiney personalities. I guess ENFP would be usual for that kind of person? I don't know any, but I know they exist.
I'm not attracted to a type in particular, except I'm not very fond of sensors. ENFJs can be fun people, but they are the only intuitive that I prefer not to date.

I'm most attracted to women that are actively self-developed or developing. Development is more attractive then a certain type. I'm not fond of being around people that have little care to improve themselves.
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I suppose this all depends on how you define 'attracted'.

Usually I enjoy INTJs.
I'm not sure of the actual type but I've always dated extroverts and am almost always attracted to introverts but who makes the first move...sigh.
INTPs I guess. I'm starting to have my doubts though. I want to get to know someone completely unlike me in every way just to see how I feel about them. I like INTJs as well. I think I like infj people but I don't know any in real life. ENTps are a gas for friendship!
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I'm attracted to INFPs as friends. As far as the opposite sex goes...attracted to ENTPs and find it easy to talk to them. Also very attracted to ESFPs.
ESFPs....intjs to a lesser extent but still very attractive
I married an INTP. Boyfriend before him was IN_ _ (I didn't date him long enough to figure it out. He was AWKWARD). My long term bf before hubby was ENFJ. Wow, emotionally explosive relationship. I went out on dates with guys that I'm sure were ESF_. Yeah, just dates.

I'm so glad for my INTP.
I had a bad experience with an INTP girl just recently actually. It turned out she wanted less than what I wanted, and I was deluding myself about her true intentions. I've also had experiences with an ENTP (she was nuts though. not the best example), ESFJ, and some type of IN_ _. My most rewarding one was with the ESFJ. However, these days I tend to be attracted to NFs (unless we're talking about ENTPs). To me, relationships between strong NFs and NTs can either be great or end really badly, especially if one or both parties are immature.
ENFJ and ESFJ equally. I also, like Satya, find them intimidating.

I'm actually a little surprised at introverted pairings. I think trying to date an introvert would just wind up annoying to me.
ENTPs, INTPs, and ESTPs (though a relationship with one would be difficult)
I tend to be attracted to feelers, though I think INTJs are sexy as well. Problem is that most of the people i'm attracted to are unavailable somehow. Its most irritating!
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I'm actually a little surprised at introverted pairings. I think trying to date an introvert would just wind up annoying to me.

I was with an ENFJ and his extrovertedness drove me absolutely insane. He was a fake people pleaser and I could not stand it, whatsoever. My husband and I both have an appreciation for being away from the crowd, rather than intentionally putting ourselves right in the middle of it. We like it that way. We 'get' each other.
A lot of INFJs seem to be attracted to ESFPs but intimidated by them. Does anyone know why this is? What are their experiences with them like?
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ENTPs, INTPs, and ESTPs (though a relationship with one would be difficult)

So. You're attracted to ENTPs, you're INFJ, you're utterly gorgeous and you're from the land of Wolverine.
Do you also like bubblebaths in hot tubs in candlelit rooms listening to webber musicals?