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  • Thank you for the comment Eniko. I was not sure how that post would be received...so your comment means a lot.
    So I thought I'd leave you a message here because it's quicker than sending a message via inbox/outbox. I wanted to ask you... (if this is too personal, you can private message me) if you drink or smoke, or (more personal) have had a past involving drug use? I will explain why later :) I am asking all of my friends. It has to do with standards I am developing.

    Please send me a message back either via my visitor page or inbox. Thanks!
    If you think you are old, imagine how old the members from The Scorpions are...
    You are pure evil.

    Now go listen to

    "Under the Same Sun" to embrace your evil beliefs.
    No. Not at all.

    I've gotten it de-shined so that ADD people will pay attention more often and not get distracted by it.
    Hi Eniko,

    Don't know if you went back to the "Tell us about yourself" thread, but after you posted, this came up.
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