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  • Hi there Liv

    My name is Paul (INFJ, Dublin) and I have set up a meetup group called The INFJ Experiment which I'm trying to get off the ground. I'm hoping for fellow INFJs to meet up, stare knowingly at each other across a room, get a little drunk, introduce themselves and turn suddenly into know-it-all pseudo-extroverts who leave, a few hours later, weighed down with people fatigue. Failing that, I just want to see what happens when so much mutual understanding is in the one room.
    We already have a few INFjs on board so do join up.

    Great to hear from you and know you're okay. :) I'm fine too, thanks for asking. Take good care - I hope that life for you is beautiful, as well as busy. If you ever need a friendly ear, I have two of them. LOL
    Are you still around here Liv? I've wondered about you a few times. I hope life is treating you kindly.
    You're very welcome! :D Actually I'm doing a little better now. (I was just about to change my mood status) Thank you for asking! :D
    Thanks for the rep, Liv. Sarkozy used to be Minister of Interior when the 2005 civil unrest broke out. Remember the way he handled it? Threats and terrorism. Same as when he was President. It's as if we are unable to moderate anything in Europe. We either have to be Fascists, or mindless capitalists. We either accept noone and kick the unwanted ones out, or we accept everybody (and force them come in) and destroy our economy completely, all for the sake of the rich getting richer.
    hiyah Liv. :)

    what's tricks? lol

    that kinda like 'things'?

    if so... tricks are well....
    if not, please enlighten me. lol :p

    <3 n Bless
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