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What gives your life purpose?

I don't understand.
Does there absolutely have to be something to give you purpose?
Can't you just float on through life because that's what's expected of you?

no I don't think you need a purpose in life. A lot of people seek purpose since they are not satisfied with the way things are
If you are satisfied with the life you have, you'll be much more happier than all the purpose seekers (of which I am one :D)
What gives my life purpose?

The coffee in the morning, the walk through the woods on the evening and moon watching at night.
Actually, I'm interested to know too. How would you describe your life purpose, @Satya:?

The fact that I exist. The question you pose is different than the one I asked in the thread, but to answer it...


Finding Meaning

We can find meaning in life in three different ways:

  1. by creating a work or doing a deed;
  2. by experiencing something or encountering someone;
  3. by the attitude we take toward unavoidable suffering.
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  • Relationships with other people
  • Esthetic sentiments
No accomplishment or goal is as important to me as those things..
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Besides that I believe there is objective meaning to the world, and that part of that meaning is found in subjective human relationships, I'll take epic deed doing for 500. For the record though, I am pretty satisfied with my life, just not with myself, or the world.
For the record though, I am pretty satisfied with my life, just not with myself, or the world.

Yeah, agree.
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For the record though, I am pretty satisfied with my life, just not with myself, or the world.

I envy you, because that's near impossible for me.

I'm starting to wonder if my purpose isn't to explore, to experience, to grow and evolve... and in the process of being myself in this way (meeting my need of authentically living out my life) I will naturally enrich the lives of others. Part of that purpose also very much involves personal relationships...maybe my purpose is about 'the personal'. *shrugs*
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My family and my tribe give me purpose. To know my past, who I am and where I come from. The place were my ancestors lived and an understanding that this place is sacred to my people. To be the best person I can be in the time I have been given. To live my life honorably, with compassion and understanding, knowing it is sometimes a minute by minute struggle to do so.
I view the meaning of my life as to find happiness in whatever I do. The purpose of whatever I do is irrelevant, just as long as it fulfills me. If I wish, I can "carry on the human species" or whatever, but there is no "ultimate" purpose that I am subjected to. I choose to make the most of my life while I can, because I do not believe that there is anything after this life. Look at all other animals: they live, they eat, they sleep, they mate, they die. We are no different. It sounds quite horrible and pessimistic, which is why at times I do wish I believed in God, but if I did choose to believe in a god, I would just be lying to myself.